Some more pics of our house!

Ok, so, please don’t judge me b/c I haven’t put anything up on the walls yet…but this is our front sitting Imageroom…seems nice and cozy, right?  Wouldn’t you like to come have a cup of chai w/ us?  haha…we are trying to decide if we want to paint this room a color…what do you think?  The couches and cushions are red w/ some navy in them and the curtains have navy and a small amount of red in them.  The white/light grey is a little bit bothersome for me b/c I like color on the walls!  I also have one of those wall art w/ the words that I’d like to put up, but yet again, we’re trying to decide what to do…anyways

Moving on…here is the master bedroom…even though one little munchkin is on the bed, it’s actually mine and Will’s bed.  haha…our bathroom…I’ve tried my best to make it look like an American bathroom…at least it has a boundary!  I like boundaries…haha…

Lastly, for now, here is a picture of the hallway/guest bathroom.  It looks a bit funny b/c the toilet is behind the boundary for the shower…not sure what happened there, but it still works!

You can go potty, take a shower and then, wash your hands, all in the same room!
Oh wait, isn’t that what a bathroom is for?

Check back soon for a funny picture of Bug 🙂

6 thoughts on “Some more pics of our house!

  1. Re: the toilet in the shower… Two thoughts: You have somewhere to sit to shave your legs (or you could put your leg on it)! Also, if the toilet overflows, the water goes down the drain and not all over the floor! #thinkinglikeacrossculturalworker?

  2. Definitely color on the walls, maybe a neutral beige. Nothing too dark because the floor is so light. But a beige/tan wall and a sisal rug in the sitting area. What about plants?

  3. It all looks GREAT to me. I’m just sooo relieved that you have a toilet at all, ha! I also like Dei’s idea about neutral beige walls, you know I love neutral. 🙂

  4. The house looks GREAT!!! I’m super impressed, the house has a nice western feel too it…which I’m sure has taken some leg work to achieve! Mary’s bathroom was like that one with the toilet behind the shower…except it was a squatty. LOL! She might have some tips. I just remember us always warning guests to be sure the toilet paper was far enough away from the shower…so it wouldn’t get soaked! It does make for easy bathroom cleaning. LOL! I like Dei’s idea for the room…you could also do an accent wall??

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