Snug as a Bug in a highchair…

Ok, so, Bug is almost 19 months now…she’s a trip.  I believe she’s a little more boisterous than Maddie was at this age, but she reminds me so much of her big sister.

Especially when we’re mid lunch and she just tuckered herself out playing in the morning and just mid bite lays her head down to go to sleep.  Pah!  Bless her heart, right?
To the right is Maddie in the almost opposite pose (at 16 months)…and Bug is to the left (at almost 19 months) …aren’t they just precious?

Mahaney is running around,
playing with our house/language helpers,

chasing her big sister,

coloring when she’s not putting the crayons in her mouth,

hugging and kissing us, and just recently, has moved into her big girl bed.

WHAT?!  I know, I know…she seems too young, but Maddie shifted at the same age b/c we were getting ready for Bug to come into the world.  So, I thought I’d try her out in it.

She gets out sometimes, so, we’re trying to work through it, but it will be nice when we go on trips (esp internationally) and we don’t have to lug the pack n play through the airport.  You remember this?  Yeah, having all those bags was no. fun.  So, we’ve unstacked the bunk beds and the bed Bug is staying on has the rails (to the left).  She is just becoming a loud, sweet communicative little girl and it’s been fun watching her learn from us and from Maddie.


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