Oy Vey! Namaste!

Well, Kathmandu sure has changed since we’ve last been here (but Mt. Everest in the picture to the left hasn’t!).  But we had a blast with our peeps here and especially with Chuck and Abigail.  It’s been adventurous for sure!   Crazy traffic (even worse than FLL), the same meal for 3 days for lunch and dinner, and wearing “funny clothes” that Abigail swears she’ll wear everyday in the US.  HA!  We were greeted by them w/ a 70lb suitcase full of American goodies!  Thank you all who contributed!! (The Hendersons, The Chungs, Abbie R, Scott & Marcie, Abbie and Mrs. Ronna and anyone else I forgot!)

We went to a village and did a training there (yes, with the girls) and it was a good time to see what

Will will be doing in the future once we are finished w/ full time language learning.  I hope to be able to go back w/ him either by myself or w/ the girls (when they’re a little older!).  The receptivity of the folks that attended was really encouraging and humbling.

When we got back to the city, we visited w/ friends, ate some

good food, encouraged one another, and played a little too!  They have a McDonald’s play place-ish place here and it was a BLAST for the girls!  We met a new American friend here and played in the ball pit, rode the train, swung, and ran around with her.  It was a nice break for the girls to get out and of course it ended w/ ice cream 🙂

During our time in the ‘Du, we were able to see an old friend.  I (Beth) was actually with her in KTM in ’05, and she was also in S. Asia when Will J was here too.  They are about to move and we wanted to visit w/ her, her husband and her little boy.  The girls LOVED playing with him (and his cool toys).  Haha!

There are some cool shops there and there just wasn’t enough time to go in them all.  I will be looking for some wall tapestries the next time when we go back.  You know how I feel about white walls!!  I was able to do the Dew in Kathmandu and it was so liberating.  HA!  We had a great trip, but we’re glad to be back in ‘ol FLL!

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