Life in the FLL: Our kitchen and lunch everyday!!

Ok, so, I’ve (Beth) been waiting for a while to take pics of the kitchen b/c I wanted it to be spotless and full of food to show off 🙂  Well, the spotlessness has still not really happened but my sweet didi (house helper) does a wonderful job every day drying the dishes I washed the night before, washing the current day’s dishes, cooking our favorite lunch dal bhat and subji, washing those dishes, drying them and then mopping the kitchen floor before she leaves for the day…and that’s only like a 1/4 of what she does everyday at our house!  This girls needs a gold medal!  haha…

So, at last, here are some more pics of our house in FLL…our kitchen is approx. 10×11 (although we don’t know for sure since everything here is measured in the metric system. ha!) and we are in it quite a bit of the day.  Here’s the entrance way and I’ll show the pics counter-clockwise from when I step in the door.
 Here’s a zoom in of the wall w/ the sink and gas burners…

Round the corner to the wall w/ the little stove and microwave…

And then, my favorite part of the kitchen…no, not the fridge…the full vegetable stand!!  hahaha…is she crazy??

And all along those black cabinets are the goodies from those awesome people in the States have sent us!!  Don’t worry, they’re not just sitting there, there are great plans for them 🙂
Ok, so, now onto our favorite everyday lunch…they have the same thing for lunch everyday??  Well, if you didn’t know, if your last name is Jackson, you have to have something you do the same for at least 10+ years…remember this?  yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… anyways.  At 11:30 a.m. our time our didi starts preparing all of the ingredients for our dal bhat (lentil soup-ish stuff and cooked rice, which I’m told is a complete protein by itself.) and subji (cooked yummy vegetables in oil and other spices).  Mostly S. Asians eat the veggies cooked with masala mixes, but I highly suspected when we first got here that they may have gluten in them, but it’s not listed.  (Unfortunately, I found out the hard way.)  So, our didi has to make very simple lunch.  But it’s still sooooooooooo tasty.
She prepares everything, cooks everything and has it on the table when we get Maddie back home from school at 1 p.m.  It’s awesome…she knows pretty much how much rice we’ll eat and how much vegetables to make.  She’s awesome.
Did I mention that she is awesome?! 

So, here is the spread…the girls are always so excited.

Maddie has 1-2 bowls of dal bhat and subji…

But that’s no match for Mahaney’s whopping 3 bowls of it…

And then she promptly comatoses out…

Some would say it’s the volume of food she’s eating…some might say it’s the heat…I just say she’s a growing little girl that loves her dal bhat and subji and if she can’t eat anymore, she’ll just dream about eating more.  Love her!
So, that’s what we got folks!  If you wanna stop by for lunch sometime, it’s no problem…give us a heads up so we can tell our didi how much.  Word!!

4 thoughts on “Life in the FLL: Our kitchen and lunch everyday!!

  1. Maddie seriously looks JUST LIKE YOU! I think I have a picture of you from H.S. making that exact face lol! Why can’t you eat Gluten? I can’t eat soy and it’s in everything. sigh. I bet ya’ll are having a blast living in a totally different country..can I just say i’m jealous? But in a good way! Love the kitchen tour!

    • You can come visit us anytime 🙂 CAn’t eat gluten b/c I have Celiacs Disease….bummer, huh? No soy?! Yuk…what happened to us in High school that we can’t eat these things anymore?! hahahaha….miss you!

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