Life in the FLL: Our Wheels!!


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We are very fortunate to have some wheels in FLL to carry us around in . . . that would be 2 wheels to be exact! The motorcycle is an Enfield Thunderbird; I’m not sure what that all means, but I just now that it gets us around from point A to point B (when it’s not raining).
Yes, I said “us”. That’s right; all 4 of us travel on the bike. Here’s a picture and some video to show you how it’s done.


The girls both love the bike. Maddie likes to ride up front so she can watch all that is going on. Most of the time, she just sings as she rides. Her helmet has a face shield so she doesn’t get any bugs in her mouth. Mahaney likes to fall asleep on the bike; maybe it’s the humming of the engine.

My favorite time is when all 4 of us go to the grocery store, and then we all 4 get on the bike with our multiple grocery bags handing from the side bars and sitting in laps! We’ll spare details for those weak stomach-ed people. Ha!

5 thoughts on “Life in the FLL: Our Wheels!!

  1. hey Beth I actually am looking at your facebook entry can you believe it??? love the art and motorcycle and your whole life. Good on you did you get your box from Lisa and us yet??? I will try to send you photos of our time together., I miss our times together

    • You are so funny! I miss you too! We look at the Art books that you all gave us EVERYDAY and Maddie always asks who signed the pages in the back…cute! Haven’t gotten the package yet, b/c we just got back from Nepal. Look forward to it though! Miss you friend! Love you! Beth J

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