Life in the FLL: Monsoon season (part 1)

Yes, this one is going to be a 2-parter.  You see, we took some nice time away for a little vacation and team meetings.  Since we’ve been back, the blog has been quite low on the priority list due to this little thing called MONSOON SEASON!  Now, it’s been raining in the FLL since May.  Yet the locals say that wasn’t the start of monsoon; that was just rain.  Monsoon season didn’t begin until June….and it’s not stopped really raining ever since.

Ya see, monsoon has many personalities.  First, there’s angry monsoon.  Angry Monsoon likes to just absolutely downpour for hours and hours; I mean like really downpour.  Just today, angry monsoon let us know she was angry for about 29 hours straight.  Yards, roads, entire cul-de-sacs were flooded.  Some streets have caved a little due to the ground below being so saturated.  Angry Monsoon even pushes her rain through your umbrella.  The only good thing about angry monsoon is that once she is done, the skies open up and the sun comes out and you are free to come out again….until she strikes again a few hours/days later.

Then there is gentle monsoon.  Gentle Monsoon really isn’t any better.  You see, she will let her rain fall ever so gently for-e-ver.  Yep, earlier in the season, gentle monsoon spent 3 continuous days with us…without stopping.  With her, it just always rains a little.  There is no sun; there is no break.  It…just…seems…to…never…stop.  However, with her you don’t have to worry too much about flooding and you can still get around fairly easily (for monsoon season).

So as far as we know now, these are monsoon’s only 2 personalities.  As any more progress, we will let you know.

Up next: mold, motorcycles, and madness!!!!!!

This meteorological report has been brought to you by the WAVE3 Weather Team.  Not really, but I really do miss staying informed of fun weather lore on their blog.  Check it out (if you live in Louisville).  HA!!

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