Soooo, what have we been up to??

Yeah, I’ve (Beth) been pondering this question also…since it’s been a little while…ahem, over a month…since we last wrote…

We had a pretty jam packed first week of August with a Hindi teacher coming to stay with us for 6 days.  It was a great time and actually a lot easier than I expected…He was very nice and spoke wonderful English so there was no pressure to speak Hindi after class hours…which was nice b/c after taking 51 pages of notes in 5.5 days, my brain was toast!  There was a lot of cultural insight as well as grammar and conversation practice.  We were really glad we had him come and surprisingly enough, it was a glimpse into our little girls’ lives that we were encouraged to see.  Usually when we have new people or people they don’t see regularly come over to our house, they both are a little skiddish…but with this man, they warmed up right away!  It really warmed our hearts that maybe this is a snapshot of them loving this culture and people for the sake of the Gospel in the future…

Then, during this crazy week, I was trying to do everything I could (i.e. cook meals and put them in freezer, make up fun art projects, gather snacks together, writing daily notes, etc.) to prepare Will for 5 days WITHOUT ME!!!  Yup, that’s right!  I went to Delhi with about 54 other ladies around S. Asia for a Women’s Training.  It was great…I really had to hash out what’s been going on in my brain/life these past 8 months since we’ve been here.  And frankly, it wasn’t all that pretty.  So, a lot of reflection on who I am and who God wants me to be in South Asia is slowly, slowly coming…….so, after all the deep stuff each day, we did get to go out for dinner (and YES, I did eat beef…..TWICE!) and shop a little bit…I got tons of gluten free stuff, which sounds dorky, but I had 10 kg to fill up!  hahaha….all in all, I didn’t even worry about Will and the girls and I didn’t need to be – he said they all did great.  I’m so thankful for those of you that prayed for them at that time…The pic to the left is one of the malls in Delhi.  When we were there, it was India’s Independence Day, so, everywhere was saffron, white and green (what do these colors mean?  Click here.).

This past week, Will has been gone Tues-Fri to the neighboring state, which somehow got the name the “graveyard of m1ss1ons”.  He’s been a couple of other times, but he is seeking out some new work for our church back in KY.  I’ll be anxious to hear about this…meanwhile, the girls and I have been making our 10 min walk down the street to the club we joined a few weeks ago.  

It is really nice and is worth every penny of Christmas money that was spent!  Plus, we now have a 25 yr membership, so, no backing out now.  ha.

We have one more week all together and then, we travel again for a team meeting!  It’s been fun to have things to look forward to…I just hope that we can keep this blog updated a tad bit more.  Forgive us please!

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