September, say wha?

Whoa…August flew by…we had a pretty good month and are plunging into September full speed.  This first week, the whole fam braved the trip to New Delhi!  It was a fun time to visit and catch up with friends, see the shopping sites, and play some much needed Settlers of Catan.  Ha!  Our friends that had been staying in Delhi for a few weeks now were awaiting their sweet little girl to be born, so, we scheduled a time for us to visit and meet with them and another family on our team.  Funny thing is, the morning we were supposed to fly out, we get a text that our friend had given birth!  So we were able to meet the little bundle – Maddie even got to hold her!  She was so excited (see picture left).

So, we got to go shopping at the nicest malls we’ve ever seen and along the way, we found a s.w.e.e.t. free playground for the kiddo’s to play on while we switched off who got to shop.  Pah!  They had a blast, of course, and me and my friend got to shop for some things for our girls for Christmas.  Will and his buddy went to the movie store and got some new movies for us to watch (yay!)…maybe we should update on the movies we’ve been watching and which ones we could have done without.  Ha!

We had a good time and I (Beth) got to go out w/ the girls and chat about life.  We talked about our engagement stories, struggles in parenting and life in general,  the challenges in language learning, how to use language learning in ministry and ministry in language learning, and interesting things we’ve discovered in South Asian culture.  Of course, I cried (which I’m finding I do a whole lot more of these days), but it was a sweet time to hear from each other what we’re going through these days.  It’s easy to answer, “We’re doing just fine.  Beating the heat when we can.” when someone asks you how you are doing here, but I value the times when I get to sit down and pour my heart out to a friend.  Even to escape our city for a little while is a nice break, even if it is in the same country.  We hope to take a trip outside of South Asia for our next visa run, but are still working on those logistics.  Maybe you could meet up with us???

Our family is doing well, we do like where we live, we love learning the language…Promise!  Life here can be a bit crazy though…in good ‘ol South Asia…

Up next, Will J will update you with the FOREVER long construction on the house we live in!  Stay tuned!


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