“The construction will be done by the end of May”…

riiiiiiiiiight…we should have known better…we didn’t really have any choice, but we were led a little bit astray by the landlord’s info…BUT, the construction or at least most of it is completed…and here it is mid-September.  Ha!  So, here is the side-ish/front of the house.  The left picture was taken mid-March…the right one, taken just a few days ago.

                                                            These next pictures are the complete front of the house.  They’ve done a nice job, but shew, it took a while and some interrupted naps…not.cute.  It’s just crazy how they make buildings using bamboo scaffolding and they slap the concrete on the bricks and smooth.

We are hoping that the landlord will paint the entire house so that it looks nice and uniform and maybe get all the trash in the front of the house cleaned up too!  The house is looking good and feeling more and more like home each day.  

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