Kite Festival in the FLL…

So, not sure what this was all about, but it was pretty cool…we started seeing signs about this Kite Festival in our neighborhood and that the Chief Minister of our state was supposedly coming – it’s a big deal when she comes!  But things were pretty quiet around here so, we didn’t really realize anything special was going on.  A sweet friend of ours came over to hang out and spend the night and she got to get in on the fun with us.  (She and her sister were our first national friends when we arrived here!)  We went down to the club to watch said Kite flying festival and it was pretty cool…there were lots of school aged kids there and they were flying their kites that they probably made during math class or something (doesn’t folding have something to do with math?!)  The girls enjoyed watching the kites being lifted and watching them wave around in the
sky…There were snake kites, a Kali, a robot, a Batman, and some other cool ones…We were sweaty, but afterwards we went to Subway that’s AC’ed!!

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