Life in the FLL: Things we love about ‘ol S. Asia…

Ok, so, in my (Beth) last post, I mentioned that we love certain things about South Asia…now, we’d like to share them with you so you’ll get on a plane and come over ASAP to enjoy with us…ha!  Well, can’t say I didn’t try…

Top Ten List of Awesome things about South Asia:

10. Transportation is pretty easy to get around, but we hope being crammed into a small space w/ others doesn’t bother you. As they say around here – How many people can you fit into a car?  Always one more!
9. The food is pretty good…you know how we roll…momos, tandoori, dal bhat & subji, naan, coke with REAL sugar and milk tea…bring it!
8. Openness…you can talk to pretty much anyone, anytime, about anything…talking about the Gospel isn’t hard, but sometimes falls on deaf ears…
7. The pace of life here is really slow…no one really gets bent out of shape if you’re late.  Just remember this phrase, “Please don’t mind.” and you’ll be golden…
6. Things are pretty easily found in the local market…with that being said, you have to go to the market and play a “scavenger hunt” to find things…so, I guess that could be good or bad. ha!
5. That at the movie theater, you buy a seat…not just a ticket where they might oversell tickets and you get stuck sitting on the floor…but an actual seat (i.e.  K10-K11) and sometimes that seat is a huge, sweet recliner…for $10 total you can get 2 tickets, popcorn and 2 cokes!  Take that couponing!
4.Things here are pretty inexpensive…except the Domino’s, KFC, Baskin Robbins and Subway…but we’ll take those any day.
3.Hindi Movies & their songs!  Some of our newer favs…Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Jab We Met, Kahaani, Don 1 & 2, and we recently saw Talaash – sooo good.  See here for our last post about our love for Bollywood movies…
2.Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol


1.Modesty in most of the dress here!  (Saris and Salwar Kameezes are beautiful and very modest)

One thought on “Life in the FLL: Things we love about ‘ol S. Asia…

  1. Will & Beth – I am so glad to read your blog and newsletters and to continue to pry for you. Congratulations on your anniversary – marriage and living in FLL. You are special and will be used in a mighty way. Bless you in the new year. Coleen

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