Whoa, what day is today??

…ok, so today is the 21st of January (p.m. currently for us) and no blog entries yet?!  So sorry…

So, at the beginning of January, January 1st to be exact, we took an overnight train


and a plane the next day to reach Bangkok, Thailand!  We spent 6 days there and had a great time…which included eating BEEF,


visiting with friends, going to an aquarium (thanks Great-Granny!),


playing at a HUGE indoor playground (thanks Grandaddy and Granmommy!)


and getting our annual checkups at the super nice hospital there!

Then, we got back and potty trained Mahaney!  She’s doing great…I (Beth) enjoy the method we use even though it can be pretty stressful at times.  Bug is doing well and little to no accidents after the first week.

After this 2 day process, Will left for a 2 day training!  The girls and I had some fun and played with some new things a sweet church in MO sent us.  So thankful!!  Will got to follow up with 8 guys from a previous training and teaching them about Paul’s 3 *m* journeys and how this applies to them as church planters.

Then, I left for a 3 day women’s training in the neighboring state…whew!  It was exhausting, but really interesting!  I even got to share with these ladies how I share the Good News sometimes in Hindi!  I am hoping to start one of these trainings soon, but I’m gonna need some prayer about that.

All in all, we’ve had a wonderful start to a new year…we hope you all can say the same.  Love and miss you!


3 thoughts on “Whoa, what day is today??

  1. So often think of you and pry for you. I love seeing the pictures and how the girls are growing. What a great time of rest and relaxation. I am glad the language is becoming more comfortable for you. Have a good month and take care. You are being pryd over.

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