Gluten Free-dom?

Ok, so, for some reason, I thought I had written about this on our vacation post, but apparently not!  Sorry! 


On our vacation in Bangkok in January, we had already planned to go for some check ups at the nice hospital.  They have a Digestive Disorder ward, so, I decided to talk w/ the doctor about my Celiac-ness…just to see if there was any way to check up on how my small intestine is doing.  He gave me a couple of options, but the endoscope procedure to look into the top of my small intestine and take some biopsies is what we went with…

We settled on the morning before we left for this short procedure and I walked away kind of nervous.  “What if they find something really wrong that I didn’t know about?!”  I almost walked back and canceled the procedure, but something just kept telling me it would be alright and that it wouldn’t be that invasive.  Later that day, the doctor called me back and said, “I’m going to need you to eat gluten before the procedure so I can see if it does any damage to your small intestine.”  What?!  How can I?  It’ll hurt me and I’m on vacation!  So, I ate all the gluten I could find…ha!  McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, and even some Cinnabon!  It was wonderful…

The morning after the procedure, the doctor told me, immediately after waking me up from anesthesia (ha!), that as far as he could tell, there has been no damage!  He wanted to wait to officially tell me until the reports came back, but he said to go ahead and resume a gluten filled diet.

What have I been missing out on these past 3 years?!  All of the family holidays and church potlucks I’ve missed out on…man! 

I had to stop thinking about the past and look into the future instead!  Things have been MUCH easier since the Lord healed me.  Maybe I was under-diagnosed (couldn’t get the scope done in the States b/c I was pregnant or nursing so all we had to go on was a blood test).  Maybe it was something else.  But whatever happened, I had something that bothered me when I ate certain things and now, I don’t.  So, I will praise the Lord in whichever circumstance!


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