Life in the FLL: Wish List 2013!


Ok, so, we are totally appreciative of EVERYONE who sends us things via USPS!  And this is not a “Pleeeeease send us things” by any means. Sometimes people ask what they can send us for some American good times…we’ve refined our list because so many people have sent us things from our last year’s list, we’re stocked up for a while…AAANNNDDD due to Beth’s “Gluten Free-dom!” (see what happened here)  So, there’s no pressure AT ALL…

Double Stuffed Oreos
Kraft Mac and Cheese
Cheetoes in a canister
Chi-Chi’s Mild Salsa in small “snackers” 4 oz cups
White Mexican cheese dip (no refrigeration needed)
Gummy Snacks
Squeezable fruit pouches – any fruit flavors
Dried Cranberries
Natures Valley Chewy Granola bars – Trail Mix is great!
Jiffy Pizza crust mix
Flushable wipes (Cottonelle or store brand)
Wet Ones Travel antibacterial hand wipes (we use these so much)
Lysol Wipes (35 ct/70 ct or the travel packs – I love these!)
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk
Crayola Watercolor paints
Crayola Washable fingerpaints tubes – red, blue, yellow and green package and/or orange, purple, turquoise and lime green package
Craft gems
Any cutesy seasonal or year round art projects

Like, I said, there is no pressure on ANYONE to send us a package.  We know that the cost of shipping through USPS runs anywhere from $40-$70 per flat rate box.  But for those that ask, here ya go!  Just leave a comment or send an email (willj31 at gmail dot com) and we’ll send you our address.  Thanks in advance!!!

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