Life in the FLL: What appliances are different?

Ok, so, this is kind of a random post, but I (Beth) thought maybe some of you might be wondering about what is different here…in the realm of appliances.  Here are a few examples of how life is “different” here in ‘ol FLL…

#1…the water heater (here, they are called geyser [gee-zer])…ours holds about 35 liters of water – thank you landlord!  You have to flip this bad boy on at least 30 min before you want to take a shower…so, for folks like me, who are type A and like to plan ahead, this is a great, tangible way to get the water ready for your shower that isn’t until 3 hours later 🙂  We use these year round!

#2…the water filter…this is also something you have to plan ahead for!  Just not as far in advance 🙂  You only have to push the on button approx 2 minutes before you’d like clean water that won’t put you on the South Asia weight loss plan.  We usually keep Coke bottles or smaller water bottles full so you can have fresh, clean water at your leisure…this is also a year round thing.
#3…the dryer…or the line outside that gets sun is what we call it here.  Pah!  We could scrounge up money to find a dryer here, but we’re not wanting to do it just yet.  Our house helpers help us hang the clothes each day (sometimes 2 loads worth!) and take them down after they’re dry.  This gets tricky during monsoon season (usually May-Aug), but we make due…year round too…
#4…the AC…oh it’s a glorious thing…because electricity is sooooo expensive here, we only run this baby at night while we sleep.  We have one in our room, the girls’ room and the guest bedroom.  They get the room pretty cold and the ones we have are energy efficient – oh yeah!  So, it helps out on the bill, but still…whew.  We use these probably 7-8 months out of the year.
#5…the heater…this year, we only used this thing for 1.5 months!  Eeek… comparable to a space heater, this will heat our whole room and acts as a sound machine (which I like, but Will…not so much).  We had a little one with the coils, but after Mahaney threw one of her jackets on it and it melted a huge hole in it, we prefer this kind.  Go figure, right?!  Since we have no carpet in our house, the floors get really cold and this is the only heat source we have.  It warms up a room nicely when you also close the door.  So, in years to come, we hope to have to use this more often than 1.5 months!

So, if you want to know some more random things about life in ‘ol South Asia, we’ll be more than happy to try to write up a post about it…what would you like to see??

One thought on “Life in the FLL: What appliances are different?

  1. We experienced 3 of the 5 in CM. Didn’t need the heater and had our pure water delivered. Miss you guys and lift you up. Headed to ILC in 2 weeks to vol at FPO.

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