[Insert Random Pics] – Done!

Ok, I (Beth) wanted to write a more formal post, but we/I are/am in the midst of another adjustment of family life, language learning and increasing ministry outside of the home, so, only 2 posts for April!  We are doing well and thriving, no doubt!  I was looking through the random pictures on my phone from this month and ummm, well, there’s some random-ality here for sure!

2013-04-05 18.13.01This little precious alien is Mahaney dressed up in her Ariel wig from Grandaddy and Granmommy during room time!  I posted on Facebook that she’s so cute in an E.T.-ish way!
2013-04-18 17.01.00

Not quite sure why this one uploaded like this, but can’t figure out how to fix it.  This little “thing” that Maddie is riding on is the most fun she’s ever had in 1.5 minutes…she gets to ride around on it on the ground floor of our local mall and get stared at by EVERYONE.  This was on our date this past month…

2013-04-24 17.12.18This just amazes me every time…the bamboo just holds up the concrete…not sure it’s the best idea, but it’s what they use and it works…for the most part…

2013-04-24 17.30.20We recently went over to have dinner and play w/ some friends and this is the little get-up Maddie came out with…she’s such a hoot!

This is what happens when you have a busy-filled month!  Hope you enjoy!




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