Confessions of an overseas mom…Part 2

Ok, so, I wasn’t sure exactly what to write on this time (there’s so many options!) but hang with me…

In the past few months, we have asked the girls to help out here and there w/ things around the house. Having 2 sweet house helpers Mon-Fri has been SUCH a blessing and when I think about not having them, I feel nauseous. They sweep, mop, cook lunch, prepare stuff for dinners, make our beds, change our sheets, dishes, do our laundry, etc. EVERYDAY.  This allows us to be able to be free for ministry or language learning.  Without this we would be lost!

But I have had the thought about when the girls get older…Will they do things to help around the house if we always have someone we pay to do those things for us? So, we have instituted a “Chore Chart”. I got the really cute idea from Pinterest here and since then, the girls love doing their little chores and “flipping a flap”.

They both have basically the same chores, but Maddie has an extra “Do Homework”. We started this in conjunction w/ the “Nice/Kind Chart” and made the stipulation that the girls may not get a sticker for helping the other sister w/ chores on the chore chart.  IMG_5899

-Great motivation,
-It teaches them to be responsible, and
-When they’re not sure what they should do, we can say, “Go look at the Chore Chart for what you need to do next.”

-I think I should have taken “Make Your Bed” off Mahaney’s b/c it’s not quite age-appropriate,
-The Chart went through the “I’m bored w/ this” phase, but we were consistent with it and even now, they are still good about looking at it!

So, what chores did you give your kids at ages almost 3 and almost 5?

One thought on “Confessions of an overseas mom…Part 2

  1. My boys began “making” up their beds that young and now they do a good job…most of the time. But for the rest of their room…it is a continual thing. When Emmie did not want to do her bed Eli told her that she is old enough and needs to do it! He will not do hers, but he will help Anna. They all need help sometimes. They can sweep, especially if there are little brooms, though it won’t be great. We are working on all this, too. I love your chart!

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