10 Things I Think I Think

One of my (Will) favorite things to do during football season is reading Peter King’s MMQB column on Mondays. I especially like to read his section called “10 things I think I think.” So in honor of the start of the NFL season (and fantasy football season), here are 10 Things I Think I Think…

1. I think that I have a Love/Hate (cheap FF ref) with the culture here. The slowness of the pace of life is great. The having to wait hours or even days to have something accomplished is not. The food is really good and flavorful. But a bite of the wrong chili and you won’t taste the food for 3 days. The friendliness and hospitality is refreshing. The constant freak-show staring is not.

2. I think that I have learned more about God, Christ, the Spirit, His church, and salvation than I have ever learned in my life while here in FLL. There is something about being stretched to your limit and beyond over and over that forces you to draw closer to the one who is stretching you.

3. I also think that I have had more deep lows while living here in FLL. It is really hard to just cruise while living on the edge of lostness.

4. I think that I have personally shared the gospel more times in 20 months than I have in 23 years as a follower of Christ. I am also learning that these 23 years of inactivity have left lots of rust on my ability to share and have confidence in what I am doing.

5. I think that Sovereign Grace Music is producing some of the best worship music out today. From Age to Age, Grace has Come, and Risen are just a few of the ones that I listen to regularly.

6. I think these are a few thing that I really miss from America:
a) Krispy Kreme
b) Propane grills. See below for more
c) Central heat and air
d) Interstates
e) Football, the American kind

7. I think that I thought I knew how to start a fire. A half hour after trying and failing, I had to ask our house helpers for help. Five minutes later, the fire was roaring nicely. Two days later, I started the fire in the brick grill, but I then realized I couldn’t keep it burning.

8. I think that living overseas causes one to have an identity crisis. There is no blending in. To some you are a rockstar; to others you are a circus freak show. Both stare and want to take your picture. Either way, it’s not always fun.

9. Five quick thoughts about football
a) I think that I am going to crush my company FF league. My draft was awesome.
b) I think that the auction draft format is the most fun and the most challenging.
c) I think that the CCBC East division is going to be ridiculous to win. Great players who all have great teams.
d) I think an SEC team will win the national title, though I hope that Louisville has a chance to play for it.
e) I think I have no idea who will win the Super Bowl. And really, I don’t care. I just want my fantasy players to score TD’s.

10. I think know that I have a great wife! Beth has been a great helper in this journey. She forgives my faults and lives with my preferences. She challenges my pride and accepts my weaknesses. She loves Jesus. She loves me. She loves our daughters. She desires to raise them according the Bible. And for all this, I love her!


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