Wow…they’ve grown how much?!

So, in September of 2012, we decided we wanted to start tracking the girls’ growth.  At that time, I (Beth) didn’t have a lot of spare time (and still don’t!) to try looking for some cute height chart or to even make one.  So, we went w/ the ‘ol measure and use the black sharpie method.  Lame, I know.  They have grown so much and here is the picture from this September’s measure…and how much did they actually grow???


Drum roll please…


We’ve got Maddie coming in at 4 1/16″ and Mahaney in at 4 5/8″…crazy, right??  And, at this moment, Mahaney is at the age (almost 3) that Maddie was when we first came to S. Asia!  Man, these 21 months have flown by…


2 thoughts on “Wow…they’ve grown how much?!

  1. SO wonderful to see you all and hear of how life is and how you have adjusted and loving time with each other. thanks for sharing your life.

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