So, what’s been going on?

We took a trip to another part of India…via our own vehicle…the roads were psuedo ok, but the fellowship on the other end was worth all the potholes, swerving not to hit those driving on the wrong side, and the one air born bump.  The girls did a fabulous job of just sitting in the back of the car and watching tv and eating snacks.  Will did a tremendous job driving.  I couldn’t ask for a better hubby & driver 🙂  We had good talks, a costume party, and some late night Catan playing…it was a great time w/ our friends…

Our little Sophia the First & Tinkerbell 🙂

Will was Jake (from Jake & the Neverland Pirates), Sophia, Tink and I was Izzy (also from Jake)

We wanted to get one of just us 🙂

Then, when we came home, we were greeted by the ever so lovely Durga Puja pandal they were making in the huge grassy area next to our house (lucky us, right?).  It was actually “less menacing” this year than last, as Will said.  I agree.  Fairly child friendly.  Unfortunately, the rains from Hurrican (Cyclone) Phailin shut the Puja chanting, songs, and concert down early (bummer, right?).


So, during this time, we took it “easy” before Will’s busy travel schedule at the middle and end of the month.  We did language and some community time, but mostly rested and got some much needed fam time in.

Then, Will took a trip (back to the city we visited our friends in!) by train.  Here, Will was able to meet with 2 church planters who have seen nearly 350 new churches started in just the past 5-6 years.  How?!? you say.  Well, they each followed Jesus’ command in Luke 10 and each saw 6 new house churches started.  They then invested in the leaders of those churches to do the same! Seem simple? Well it mostly is.  So as each leader then invested in new leaders, the multiplication process expands until you see 350 new churches in 5-6 years!  As we mapped the churches on paper, we noticed that one particular church was the 12th generation church to be started! 

And as we ramp up for Mahaney’s up and coming 3rd birthday party, Will has another trip to visit the 6 4 guys he’s been investing in. Will will review and have some accountability time, give some fresh teaching, and then Will is going to spend time w/ one man in particular (the one to the far left in the pic below-sorry for the blur!).  This man, *James, has planted churches and is discipling and training up other believers to do the same thing!  So, Will gets the privilege to encourage and empower this man from God’s word and also to be encouraged by the work that James is doing!  He is sacrificing a lot to disciple, evangelize, and plant healthy, Biblical churches as well as care for his family and community!

Tune in for some pics of Mahaney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates 3rd Birthday Party!


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