New Look, New Feel, New Vision

So, what do you think?  Now that we are in a new year, we thought it was time for a bit of a make over to the blog!  We also have been super busy here in FLL, and the time to blog and update has always taken a back seat….

However, in this new year we are committing to publishing at least 2 new posts a month!  We may schedule in some repeats of favorites over the years just to keep it fresh!  So continue to join us in our journey here in FLL.  We look forward to sharing with you what God is doing around us!

Here’s a picture from our most recent trip to Thailand! Ahh the sun, the beach, the beef!!


One thought on “New Look, New Feel, New Vision

  1. I had trouble with my password. Hope you don’t get this three times!
    I always love hearing from you all and twice a month will be great! It gives me a good mental picture of what it looks like there and what you are doing. You have made so much progress in two years.
    Will, did you know we got to go to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl? It was such a thrilling game that the last-minute loss didn’t sting as much as I would have thought. I am expecting, however, that Duke will go to a bowl and WIN next year!
    Loved the picture of the girls on the beach during your trip. They are really growing.
    Love you all,

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