Homeschooling, what?!

Ok, so, I (Beth) went to Delhi last week and got to spend an amazing week w/ many other friends and coworkers that homeschool their kids at an 80’s themed homeschool conference (totally awesome, right?!).  I’ll be honest, when I was growing up, homeschooling wasn’t the “coolest” thing.  But as I’ve gotten older matured I realize that’s an unfair assumption.

It really humbled me to hear the hearts of these moms and their reasons for homeschooling their children.  Some of them don’t have a choice.  Some of them don’t want to put their kids in the national school (who would blame them?).  Some of them do it out of conviction from the Lord that they want to train their kiddos up in the way they should go, teaching them day and night and in the home.  We are praying through if this is the way we need to do it…as I bite my nails. 

It was neat to see everyone’s different personalities- moms’ and kids’.  It kind of overwhelms me to think about homeschooling Maddie and Mahaney, but on the other hand, I get all excited about it too.  Especially the new school supplies – what a nerd!  Maddie will finish up Kindergarten here in national preschool in March 2015.  Then, we’ll go back to the States for some time.  We hope to be able to put her in a great school down the street from my parents for the first half of 1st grade.  After that, our plan is to come back here to FLL and we are considering homeschooling.

Maddie loves the national preschool she goes to and has gone to for 2 years now.  Mahaney…well, she’s still warming up to it.  This school is great and albeit a little small and a little dirty, we enjoy sending our girls there.  These days our mornings are free to study language, meet w/ others, plan for speaking in our ghetto Hindi for trainings, etc, but it will only be for a short time and we are excited about what the Lord has for us.

The Homeschool Conference was such an encouragement and we even got to hear from Pam Tebow (Tim’s mom) each day about their journey in working overseas and homeschooling her 5 kiddos.  Man, a lot of conviction came in hearing how she trusted the Lord, had faith when things got tough, loved her children and saw them as gifts from Him, and taught them Scripture using simple tunes.  Also, a lot of information was thrown at us about curriculum, testing, supplemental things, “screen time”, processing disorders, how in the world to homeschool, etc.  It was so good and I’m looking forward to the possibility of hs’ing the girls.

Heck, I’ll even be able to use those teacher skills I went to school for 😉

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