Happy Wedding Sunil and Pinkey!

On Feb 24, we were able to go to our gardener’s (Sunil) wedding with some other American friends.  We had a great time!  As you might have seen on Facebook, I posted this picture (below) of Maddie’s picture for Sunil and his bride.  She was so excited 🙂  (*Note, the “IYF” is b/c I sometimes say “FYI” when I’m talking and she picked up on it!)


From what we could understand, it was a very Biblically based hour and a half service, explaining the roles of man and woman in marriage.  It was encouraging to hear the man speaking about how the woman is a helpmate, not a slave (as women are most likely seen here).  Below are the girls amongst the crowd there for the wedding.


We pray for Sunil and Pinkey that they would be a light among the non-believer marriages!

20140224_120622We were waiting to give them their gifts 🙂

20140224_141427Sweet practice senior picture pose for Bug!


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