Happy 5th Birthday Madison!

It’s hard for us to believe that little Maddie Boo is already 5 years old!  I (Will) remember getting a call from Beth right before I was going in to take my Church History mid-term that she thought she was in labor.  AFTER completing the exam, I took off and met Beth at the Davis house where she was kicked back watching 24.  From there to the hospital, an epideral, and 6 hours of sleep later, little Maddie Boo was born at 6:19am (we think; we’ve slept since then)!  Check out these pictures over the years….

Just a few days after birth, already cheering for the best team in sports!


Little Boo at her 1 year pictures

1 yr

2 year old birthday party


3 years old! First bday in FLL

3 yr

Growing older at 4

4 yr

Happy 5th Birthday Maddie!


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