Advent 2014 v1.0 – Week 1

haha…I called it v1.0 b/c I KNOW that over the years, this year’s NEW Jesse Tree Advent study will morph into something our family will love and anticipate! At least that’s what I (Beth) hope! I made the ornaments over the Aug-Sept months and am pretty pleased with the way they turned out. I made a few extra ornaments, while I was at it, (partly b/c I couldn’t decide which to cut from certain websites and which to keep) that we will probably just wait and incorporate in later years…but we will start off w/ the traditional 25 ornaments this year.

Ideas from here and there. Even a way to incorporate the Jesus Storybook Bible, which my kids (and us!) love. So, here’s this week’s…b/c Advent starts today! (Sunday, Nov 30)…hope it blesses you all this year!

1st Sunday – Introduce the Jesse Stump ornament and read Isaiah 11:1 (but don’t hang just yet)IMG_8245

  • Explain about hanging the ornaments and reading the verses.
  • Creation (World ornament) – Gen 1:24-31 (full account Gen 1:1-31)
  • Can also read “The beginning: a perfect home” from Jesus Storybook Bible (JSB)

MondayAdam and Eve and the Fall (Apple w/ serpent) – Gen 3:1-24

  • Can read “The terrible lie” in JSB

Tuesday – Noah’s Ark (Ark w/ rainbow) – Gen 6:11-14, 7:17-18, 8:8-22, 9:9-17

  • Can read “A new beginning” in JSB

Wednesday – Abraham’s Faith (Camel w/ tent) – Gen 12:1-7

Thursday – Abraham’s Descendants (Green star) – Gen 15:1-6

  • Can read “Son of laughter” in JSB
  • In later years we will combine the star ornament w/ Isaac’s Birth (cradle) – Gen 21:1-7

Friday – Protection for Isaac (Ram w/ leaves on horns) – Gen 22:1-4

  • Can read “The present” in JSB

Saturday – Jacob’s Ladder (The ladder) – Gen 28:10-22

  • Can read “The girl no one wanted” in JSB


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