10 Years with Beth J: Actual First Date

Note: The post has been post-dated to reflect the actual 10 years since our first date.  As per the previous post, the computer crashing and vacation put us behind schedule in keeping the blog updated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10 years ago today, I took Beth on our first date….to the old Spartanburg, SC Krispy Kreme diner.  Classy!  I went to a friend’s wedding in GA, and then over to Auburn to visit some other friends.  Beth and I had talked a few times on the phone in between New Years and now.  I am not a big phone talker, but I found talking with her quite easy.  I believe that in one phone conversation, I had another “how not to court a lady” moment.  I was pretty sure that I was heading to Southern Seminary in the Fall, that I was possible looking to travel overseas, and that currently I was traveling around for my job.  So, I really didn’t want another friend.  (Judge me now).  So I told Beth all this right upfront just so that neither of us would travel down this road for a while and then have it break off.  She said that she was good with all this and willing to see what happens.

So, I added a stop on my above travels in Spartanburg, SC on my way back to my job.  I knew a family there, and they let me stay with them that night.  They were especially excited that I was there to meet a girl!  So Beth and Taiter drove up and met me at the local McAllisters.  From there we drove back to their friend’s apartment where we hung out and took the picture you see above.  And so for our official first date, we went to the old Krispy Kreme.  It wasn’t the new kind, but the ones where you sit around the counter on bar stools.  It was awesome!  When we got back to the apartment, we chatted in the car for a little bit, and then she gave me a gift…chocolate filled Oreos!  BAM!  Just the way to a man’s heart!

And yet in another “how not to court a lady” story (are you amazed that she married me yet), rather than walking her to the door, we said goodbye at my car.  She walked to the apartment; I drove off.  Sheesh!

So now we were officially dating.  Had I had Facebook, it would have been Facebook official!

The story will continue…

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