FLL Danger Run Results – Northside’s Spring 2015 Team

And we are back with another recap of the FLL Danger Run.  In this edition, Scott and David from Northside took their turn on the Danger Run.  As their host, I will have to say that their run has been the most dangerous of them all!  So on to the results.

Just to recap, the previous 2 Northside teams rolled in these results: Adults 88%, Teens 85.4%.

So, how did Scott and David do?  Well, this isn’t a singing contest so right to the results: 92.6%! (50/54)  And where does that rank them in terms of total scores: First Place!
Northside (Scott/David) – 92.6%
Northside Adults – 88%
Will P – 86.9%
Northside Teens – 85.4%
Dan R – 82.6%
Alyssa R – 80.4%
Dei C – 80.4%
Sarah P – 78.3%
Abbey C – 78.3%
Alan P – 39.1%

So how did they do it?  Well, here were some of the keys to victory.

  • First, they got outside the city!  Yep, that’s right.  It appears that 5 days in the villages of India will indeed help you see a lot things that will get you a victory.  It also turns out that some of those things are not the most pleasant (like no public toilets)!
  • Second, they got creative.  You will notice that their hunt had 54 items, which is more than any other.  Nothing in the rules state that you cannot add something memorable.  It should also be noted that your host declined a number of items they wanted to add!  No, you cannot get extra credit for a Sadu walking his pet monkey on a rope.
  • Third, they worked as a team.  You want the glory…then you are gonna have to share it!
  • Fourth, they got lucky.  I mean, this team pulled off the rare inside the park homerun: scootie with training wheels, bicycle carpool, the unfortunate #2 sighting, and 3 different colors of sparkly sweater vests.  BOOM!

That’s all from this edition of the FLL Danger Run.  Good luck to all the next contestants!

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