Welcome to the world Mahaney Grace Jackson

Yesterday afternoon around 4:30, Beth calls me to say that she’s feeling like something’s about to happen.  By 7:30 we are out to door to drop off Maddie at the Chungs.  By the time we got to the hospital and checked in, she was already half way there.  Then at 12:21 am on Friday, Oct 29th, Mahaney Grace was born.  We are just so thankful that everything went so well and smooth.  The Lord has just been so gracious to us during this pregnancy in keeping Beth and Mahaney healthy.  Here’s a few pics; you can find more by going to our flickr page as well.  We will post some more later . . . especially the ones where Maddie gets to meet her little sister Mahaney for the first time!

Update on Baby Mahaney & More…

Well, we’ve hit week 40 and we’re still waiting on Mahaney to make her appearance.  I’m (Beth) ok with that, b/c the longer she waits, the longer it is I have to go back to work before Christmas 🙂  AND, I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy (I don’t even feel 40 weeks pregnant!).  But since Mahaney’s eviction notice is about to come upon us (Fri, Oct. 29 if not sooner), we thought we could do some things to help the process along…I’ve heard walking (which I’ve been doing plenty of)…(Here’s a pic of us at Hillcrest this year [above] and last year [below] – the street that decorates for Halloween BIG TIME every year and I LOVE IT!)

…walking some more….(Here’s a pic of Maddie and I at the zoo today)…

…eating pineapple (which I plan to purchase fresh pineapple this weekend)…eating spicy food (which we had Wed night – thanks Chungs!)…I’ve been informed numerous times that there will be a full moon this weekend….there are lots of old wives’ tales out there, but I’ll just stick w/ the Lord’s timing 🙂  He’s really been gracious through this whole pregnancy and I can only think, Mahaney will come when He decides.  I’m thankful I’m not in control of things sometimes….takes the pressure off of me 🙂  We’ll keep the website updated – so look out!

Too funny…

Wow….since we’ve got roughly 2.5 more weeks to go, I (Beth) was reflecting on the way I looked last time I was pregnant…the pic on the left, I was pregnant 35 weeks w/ Maddie and on the right, I am 36 weeks w/ Mahaney…..my my, what a gluten free diet will do to you!  haha…enjoy the puffiness 🙂

Busy bees…

Ok, so, since my (Beth) birthday, we’ve been on the move!  We’ve been to Disney World and the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, FL, celebrated Daddy’s Day and back to my ‘ol college roots, Florence, SC for a dear friend’s wedding.   Maddie’s continuing to grow and learn more signs (yes, we’re teaching her sign language so there’s more signing and less whining) and words (she’s got momma, dadda, ball ball, dog dog, bubble, la la for banana so far).  Mahaney is growing too!  I can feel her kicking away all throughout the day and I’m actually starting to show (now that I’m 24 weeks pregnant!).  The summer is half way over and I cannot believe that school will start in the 2nd week of August.  Man. 

To be perfectly honest, at first, I was kind of nervous about being home with Boo all day everyday after being home only part time, but I really do love it.  We’ve been too busy for me to be bored or to be puzzled on what to do with a 16 mo old.  Ha!  Maddie’s discovered bubbles, coloring with crayons, reading books, where her tummy and facial features are, and funny faces with Daddy.  I have another confession, I ALWAYS said that I would never take my kids under the age of 7 to the Magic Kingdom (the happiest place on earth and possibly, my favorite place on earth).  But I have been proven wrong yet again.  It was great!  We got there a little after it opened and she walked around, soaked all of the sites in, rode fun rides, took 2 short naps on the stroller….we had a blast!  I would totally take her and Mahaney when they’re younger b/c they can’t point and say they want everything in the stores we go in to cool off.  Ha!  Anyone up for going in Jan or Feb?  hahaha….

Funny face and bubbles

Well, we’ve just been hanging out since I (Beth) have finished school…so, it’s been kind of slow. We’re still looking for ministry opp’s with Indians here in Louisville and getting ready for an already busy summer.   On day two of our summer together, Maddie and I have discovered how fun bubbles are.  She even said, “Bubble,” when I told her what we were going outside to play with…not sure if she’ll say it on command again, but she did say it at least 3 times.  haha…Here are some fun pictures from today…

Boo #2 is doing great also!  I felt him/her move the other night for the first time.  It’s just so crazy!  He/She is developing well and the heartbeat is really strong.  I hit a little speed bump after we came back from India.  After a month and a half of having major stomach discomfort (and it wasn’t morning sickness), my GI specialist figured out that I have celiac sprue disease.  It’s a life long allergy to gluten (wheat, barley, or rye) and gluten is in basically everything I eat!  haha…so, it’s been an adjustment, but since we’ve figured it out, I’ve felt much better and I’ve had more energy.  If you have a great gluten free recipe, please share!

Who’s feeding who?


Originally uploaded by willandbeth

Maddie is learning how to feed herself…before Boo #2 comes, we want Maddie to be well informed on how to do as many things as possible 🙂 Is that lazy or smart? haha…either way! Maybe we’ll even potty train early…..but no videos/pics of that…sorry! hahaha…She’s getting so big and is talking up a storm. Check out the latest pics on the Flikr page!

And we’re back!

Whoa…we didn’t realize that it had almost been a month since we last posted…a lot has been happening!  Maddie turned one (you heard from the post below this one), we prepared for our trip to India (pictures below), March Madness ended up with Duke winning the championship (I’m sure there will be a post about this by WillJ soon), and Maddie got her first tooth (finally!).
During our visit to India, we got to visit with the family that we will possibly be working with…in case you didn’t know, we are in the application process to serve as “teachers” over in India, beginning in summer 2011…so, it was a wonderful trip full of insight to how life will look for the Jackson 4 (yup!  I said 4 – we’re due w/ boo#2 on Oct. 25).  Check out the Flikr page for more pics from Maddie’s bday and India.

Our baby girl is 1 year old!

One year ago today, our life changed forever.  At 6:19 am, Maddie made her appearance to this world with nary a cry.  Her little eyes were just wide open as she was taking it all in.  And here 1 year later, she is still just the same.  Everywhere we go, her eyes are just so big as she surveys the sights and sounds of a new place. 

She loves to walk around and follow us wherever we go.  While she still has no teeth, she is learning to eat some table foods.  Rice is the newest addition to the menu, and that’s a good thing considering our future destination!  She’s got “dada” down; we are working on getting her to say “mama” when she’s not crying.  We’ve also noticed that Maddie likes to dance now . . . music or none!  I think both Beth and I will take credit for this one.

As I think back over this past year, it’s been such a joy.  Learning to be a dad is something that’s had its challenges but has been worth it all.  Having Beth for a wife has made these challenges much easier as she has continually helped make our home an easy place to learn.  She has been great at keeping both Maddie and I fed with some good food at great prices thanks to her couponing skills! 

One year down, many more to go.  I can’t wait!  Happy Birthday Maddie!

Maddie’s first BIG snow!

I (Beth) will write and post more pics later, but wanted to give you a couple of cute pics from this morning’s first big snow in Louisville. Maddie wasn’t too sure of it after she plopped her bare hands (I had mittens on her, but she took them off) right into the 2″ of snow we had at the time. We a “Randy” from A Christmas Story moment after I got all her gear on. ha! I gotta run, but enjoy these two beauts!