6 months young…

6 months young!  Our little girl is 6 months young – well, she was 8 daysP9070707 ago…haha…over the past few days, we have had a time of “adjustment” after having folks visiting us in Louisville and going to visit family in TN all in 4 weeks!  It was fun seeing everyone 🙂  Maddie just keeps growing and growing…at her 6 mo appointment, she weighed 16 lbs 8 oz and measured 28 inchesP9070708 long!  She is learning how to perfect rolling from her tummy to her back, back to tummy, talking and making fun sounds, sitting up on her own, explore new toys and textures, etcetera, etcetera!  She has been an absolute joy and it’s been fun getting to share our little joy with everyone.
We’ve got a couple new pics up, but here are Will’s favorites from this month.  Love her!

Giggle box

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Maddie boo is just growing and growing….I (Beth) have started back to work and still am praying for a smooth transition for Maddie and I. She is now drinking out of a sports bottle sippy cup – thank you Nuby! – and she’s eating cereal and has tried butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Will has now turned 30 years of age and he’s still looking buff and trim and handsome as ever 🙂 We’ve had fun celebrating his birthday “month”…We were getting ready to go somewhere and Will likes to try to make her laugh and he succeeded. Her laugh is so fun and cute and I just can’t begin to describe how much joy it brings both of us to hear it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard….we’re very anxious to hear what her little voice will sound like when she starts saying words…I’m sure just as sweet. Check out some more new pics here. Enjoy!

A Weekend w/ the Alexanders and C.J. Mahaney

Well, ok, we really didn’t spend the weekend w/ C. J.  However, we did hear him preach at Cornerstone Community Church in Knoxville with our friends the Alexanders.  Walt is a pastor there, and Beth has been friends w/ his wife Kim since they were back in Jr. High.  Waaaaayyyy back in the mid-90’s.  They were wonderful host treating us well over the weekend.  It was a pleasure to spend time with them chatting, playing cards, and talking about spiritual matters.  Walt just graduated from the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s College so we had a good time comparing notes between there and Southern.

On Sunday, C.J. was preaching at their church and it was a blessing for us to hear him.  You can download his message at their website, and I recommend that you do.  Here are a few of the quotes that I wrote down from his sermon on Acts 4:32 – 6:7:

  • “Any offense to God’s swift judgment shows our ignorance of His holiness and our sin”
  • Speaking about Ananias and Sapphira, “Ask not ‘why they died’ but ‘why are we still alive?'”
  • “The persecution only highlighted [the apostles] joy.  This is an unstoppable gospel”
  • “God’s favor results in growth which results in change.  Changes were required; sacrifice was necessary.”
  • “Turn your attention away from exclusively your heart and toward the hearts of others”

Thanks Walt and Kim for a great weekend!!

Maddie meets her new friends

Madison had an extremely busy weekend getting to meet all sorts of new friends.  First, she got to meet Asher on Friday.  They had a great time playing with each other (as best they could) and even went to visit Krispy Kreme for the first time.  Then that night she got to meet Jamie, who was only 1 day old.  Then on Sunday she got to meet Savannah at church.  In fact, she was so excited about meeting everyone that last night she decided she didn’t want to sleep and wanted to play some more!  So, Beth and I had the joy of “playing” with Maddie from around 2:30 ish in the morning until sometime later when Beth finally got her to go back to sleep.

Anyway, with the exception of last night, she has been great.  She is getting almost 6 hours of sleep each night and seems to be getting bigger.   She is starting to figure out how to keep her head up which is fun to watch.  What’s funny is that some people think she is so big and others think she is so small (usually happens when I am holding her).  We have posted some more pics over at our flickr page.  Enjoy!

Introducing our daughter . . .

Madison Anne Jackson, born 3.10.09, weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches


Mom and Dad and family are doing great.  We are glad to be in our own home, even though we will miss the wonderful nurses at Baptist East!  We will post more stories later . . . in the meantime check out some more pics at our Flickr page.  We created a special set you can reach by clicking here.

Thank you all for your phone calls, text message, and visits.  We hope to talk to all of you soon enough.


Will and Beth and Maddie

The countdown is still on!

haha…as the date draws nearer, I (Beth) have to pace myself with this whole having a new baby and it changing my whole life thing. These past 9 months have been p3030089very humbling….very LONG….and very humbling. p3030090I have had such a wonderful pregnancy and I cannot wait to see the end product and to share that experience with Will….
Maddie is still continuing to swim around in my tummy and let’s me know she cares sometimes by giving me a nudge in the ‘ol rib! She’s so sweet…just like her daddy! Here’s the most recent pics we took…sorry it’s been 4 weeks since we last posted one….the one on the left says “Now you see her” and the one on the left says “Now you don’t.” – this is good ‘ol week 39!

And the countdown begins…

…well, actually I (Beth) think it’s always been…but now that I am in single digit weeks on the countdown, it can’t come fast enough…Will and I (and I think the grandparents too) are super excited about seeing our little girl’s face for the first time.  This whole experience has been very humbling….I am so thankful that the pregnancy has gone sooo well – let’s continue to pray that the labor and delivery go half as well as the pregnancy and we’ll be allllll goooooood!  haha…aren’t these little shoes the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?  I just can’t believe they’re so tiny!  Our cousin, Sarah, made them with her own precious hands and here are two views of them….

Oh, and that’s me beginning my 35th week….what a hoss!  We are finishing up her room and studying Greek, so, those go hand in hand 🙂  As I read all of these “preparation” books, I feel like I’m reading Greek sometimes, but I’m thankful for those who have gone before me and published it….haha…

My beautiful wife

It’s amazing how much difference a month makes.  The picture on the left was taken 4 weeks ago.  The picture on the right was taken Sunday night.  It’s crazy how fast Maddie is growing.  She is also starting to kick and move alot more now . . . at least that is what Beth says.  Whenever I try to feel her, she seems to stop moving.


You can check out more pics at our flickr page on the sidebar.