Thoughts from the long weekend

I didn’t work on Friday so therefore it was a long weekend for me.

  • Was glad that Florida won the Nat’l title . . . but horrified at the game coverage from Fox.  Announcers were bad, camera angles were bad, over all it was just bad.
  • Beth and I celebrated our anniversary/babymoon on Friday night.  If you are ever in Louisville and looking for a Bed and Breakfast, I will always recommend the Inn at Woodhaven.  Great place, great innkeeper, and the best Carmel French Toast in the world.  The Heart Hearth Room and its massive fireplace were great. 
  • Then on Sat we went to our work Christmas party where we won a $250 gift card to Best Buy!  Word!  Now, you may be asking “Will, it’s January . . . ”  Yes, I know; however, my work does their Christmas party in January because so many people already have church parties or are traveling to organize anything so we just do it near the first of January.  I’m a big fan.
  • Winning the gift card was nice especially after I watched the Titans gift wrap and give away the game to the Ravens.  I can’t stand the Ravens . . . they are right behind UNC on my list.  Speaking of . . .
  • UNC lost again on Sunday night making them 0-2 in the ACC.  So nice!

Sadness and Mourning . . .

No, nothing is wrong with anyone, just a team, my Dukie’s.  0-2 in the ACC.  First time since 1996, I believe.  They just can’t seem to close out these teams.  Va Tech AND Ga Tech . . . awful.  Even worse to have to sit and listen to (I don’t have ESPN so I have to listen on the radio.)  But, they are a young team.  Only one senior on the whole team.  I predict that they will pick it up at the end of the season and make a modest run in the NCAA tourney.  Be aware!

Also, my journey into coaching Upward basketball begins on Monday night with our first practice.  I am coaching 1st and 2nd graders.  I’m gonna keep everyone informed of how we, the Eagles, are doing.  If you know any cool inspirational things having to do with eagles, email me so I can use them in the halftime speeches.