FLL Danger Run Results – Northside’s Spring 2015 Team

And we are back with another recap of the FLL Danger Run.  In this edition, Scott and David from Northside took their turn on the Danger Run.  As their host, I will have to say that their run has been the most dangerous of them all!  So on to the results.

Just to recap, the previous 2 Northside teams rolled in these results: Adults 88%, Teens 85.4%.

So, how did Scott and David do?  Well, this isn’t a singing contest so right to the results: 92.6%! (50/54)  And where does that rank them in terms of total scores: First Place!
Northside (Scott/David) – 92.6%
Northside Adults – 88%
Will P – 86.9%
Northside Teens – 85.4%
Dan R – 82.6%
Alyssa R – 80.4%
Dei C – 80.4%
Sarah P – 78.3%
Abbey C – 78.3%
Alan P – 39.1%

So how did they do it?  Well, here were some of the keys to victory.

  • First, they got outside the city!  Yep, that’s right.  It appears that 5 days in the villages of India will indeed help you see a lot things that will get you a victory.  It also turns out that some of those things are not the most pleasant (like no public toilets)!
  • Second, they got creative.  You will notice that their hunt had 54 items, which is more than any other.  Nothing in the rules state that you cannot add something memorable.  It should also be noted that your host declined a number of items they wanted to add!  No, you cannot get extra credit for a Sadu walking his pet monkey on a rope.
  • Third, they worked as a team.  You want the glory…then you are gonna have to share it!
  • Fourth, they got lucky.  I mean, this team pulled off the rare inside the park homerun: scootie with training wheels, bicycle carpool, the unfortunate #2 sighting, and 3 different colors of sparkly sweater vests.  BOOM!

That’s all from this edition of the FLL Danger Run.  Good luck to all the next contestants!

FLL Danger Run results – Northside edition

For the first week of November, 2 teams from Northside Baptist in Rock Hill, SC, took their turns at the FLL Danger Run.  They decided to break up into 2 teams: adults and teenagers.  After the judges review of all the score sheets, here are the results:

Adults – 88% (44/50)
Teenagers – 85.4% (41/48)

Being that there are not a whole lot of rules for the FLL Danger Run, the adults decided to add 2 new animal items to the list, snake and donkey, which made their percentage of victory higher.  However, even without these 2 additions, they still would have beaten the teenagers by 1!

Credit to both teams for being the first to find the “carpool” entry.  It was this discovery that now puts the Adult team in 1st place overall.  Congrats to both teams for a well played Danger Run.

Northside Adults – 88%
Will P – 86.9%
Northside Teens – 85.4%
Dan R – 82.6%
Alyssa R – 80.4%
Dei C – 80.4%
Sarah P – 78.3%
Abbey C – 78.3%
Alan P – 39.1%

Who is your Mario Kart character?

Seems like, these days, that questions like this are all over Facebook.  Which state are you?  Which country are you?  Which food are you? etc….

So why not join the crowd and ask “Who is your Mario Kart character?”

Well, I have always thought that when it comes to productivity, I am Donkey Kong.  You remember Mario Kart, right?  I’m not talking about the modern, fancy version.  I’m talking about Super Mario Kart for Super Nintendo, the original.  Each group of characters had a different strength and weakness.  Some had quick acceleration, but not super fast (Princess/Yoshi).  Others were average all around (Mario/Luigi).  And then there was Donkey Kong.  You knew that if you picked him, you would never be the first one of the blocks.  However, if you could catch a straightaway, there was no one that could catch you.

Ah, the memories of Super Mario Kart…..joy, anger, throwing controllers, victory, defeat, accusing other person of cheating by watching your side of the split screen…..

Anyway, back to my point.  Here’s how this applies.  Which character is your work style?  I am definitely Donkey Kong.  If I have a project or work that needs to be completed, it takes me forever to get started.  There’s always something online to look at or an article to read or another small task to complete.  I guess we would call this procrastination?  However, once I can finally get down to business, everything seems to roll quite smoothly.  The project is almost always completed on-time; sometimes it just takes a while to get off the blocks.  Worked this way in high school with homework.  Worked this way in college and seminary with papers.  And it is working it self out these days with reading, writing, and email.  Some things just don’t change.

So, who is your Mario Kart character?


Image credit: http://www.mariowiki.com

[Insert Random Pics] – Done!

Ok, I (Beth) wanted to write a more formal post, but we/I are/am in the midst of another adjustment of family life, language learning and increasing ministry outside of the home, so, only 2 posts for April!  We are doing well and thriving, no doubt!  I was looking through the random pictures on my phone from this month and ummm, well, there’s some random-ality here for sure!

2013-04-05 18.13.01This little precious alien is Mahaney dressed up in her Ariel wig from Grandaddy and Granmommy during room time!  I posted on Facebook that she’s so cute in an E.T.-ish way!
2013-04-18 17.01.00

Not quite sure why this one uploaded like this, but can’t figure out how to fix it.  This little “thing” that Maddie is riding on is the most fun she’s ever had in 1.5 minutes…she gets to ride around on it on the ground floor of our local mall and get stared at by EVERYONE.  This was on our date this past month…

2013-04-24 17.12.18This just amazes me every time…the bamboo just holds up the concrete…not sure it’s the best idea, but it’s what they use and it works…for the most part…

2013-04-24 17.30.20We recently went over to have dinner and play w/ some friends and this is the little get-up Maddie came out with…she’s such a hoot!

This is what happens when you have a busy-filled month!  Hope you enjoy!




Gluten Free-dom?

Ok, so, for some reason, I thought I had written about this on our vacation post, but apparently not!  Sorry! 


On our vacation in Bangkok in January, we had already planned to go for some check ups at the nice hospital.  They have a Digestive Disorder ward, so, I decided to talk w/ the doctor about my Celiac-ness…just to see if there was any way to check up on how my small intestine is doing.  He gave me a couple of options, but the endoscope procedure to look into the top of my small intestine and take some biopsies is what we went with…

We settled on the morning before we left for this short procedure and I walked away kind of nervous.  “What if they find something really wrong that I didn’t know about?!”  I almost walked back and canceled the procedure, but something just kept telling me it would be alright and that it wouldn’t be that invasive.  Later that day, the doctor called me back and said, “I’m going to need you to eat gluten before the procedure so I can see if it does any damage to your small intestine.”  What?!  How can I?  It’ll hurt me and I’m on vacation!  So, I ate all the gluten I could find…ha!  McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, and even some Cinnabon!  It was wonderful…

The morning after the procedure, the doctor told me, immediately after waking me up from anesthesia (ha!), that as far as he could tell, there has been no damage!  He wanted to wait to officially tell me until the reports came back, but he said to go ahead and resume a gluten filled diet.

What have I been missing out on these past 3 years?!  All of the family holidays and church potlucks I’ve missed out on…man! 

I had to stop thinking about the past and look into the future instead!  Things have been MUCH easier since the Lord healed me.  Maybe I was under-diagnosed (couldn’t get the scope done in the States b/c I was pregnant or nursing so all we had to go on was a blood test).  Maybe it was something else.  But whatever happened, I had something that bothered me when I ate certain things and now, I don’t.  So, I will praise the Lord in whichever circumstance!


Kite Festival in the FLL…

So, not sure what this was all about, but it was pretty cool…we started seeing signs about this Kite Festival in our neighborhood and that the Chief Minister of our state was supposedly coming – it’s a big deal when she comes!  But things were pretty quiet around here so, we didn’t really realize anything special was going on.  A sweet friend of ours came over to hang out and spend the night and she got to get in on the fun with us.  (She and her sister were our first national friends when we arrived here!)  We went down to the club to watch said Kite flying festival and it was pretty cool…there were lots of school aged kids there and they were flying their kites that they probably made during math class or something (doesn’t folding have something to do with math?!)  The girls enjoyed watching the kites being lifted and watching them wave around in the
sky…There were snake kites, a Kali, a robot, a Batman, and some other cool ones…We were sweaty, but afterwards we went to Subway that’s AC’ed!!

The moment I finally felt old

This year, Maddie was born, I graduated from seminary, and I turned 30.  Yet I never really viewed myself as old.  I’ve had some gray hair for years, but it’s still all there!  I’m still active in the Young Adult ministry here at church.  So, I feeling pretty good . . . until earlier this week.

church_vanOur Young Adult ministry (includes college, single, and young marrieds) is heading out on our retreat today.  Last week, I was asked to drive the church van (1st clue) but didn’t think much of it since I’ve done it before.  Then earlier this week I got the schedule and saw the first session starting at 11:30 pm and said out loud, “That ‘s too late for anything.”

It was then that I realized, this retreat is not for me . . . I’m the younger old guy with the baby bringing the whole family who’s driving the church van.  When I was in college, we called them chaperones. 

I’m now a chaperone.  I’m feeling old.oldman4

Where’s the Christian Halloween Store?

PA250925Last weekend, my parents and grandmother were in town to visit Maddie, and were so kind to give Beth and I a night out.  So after a tasty Chick-fil-A dinner, we headed to a seasonal favorite: the temporary Halloween store!  As we walked around trying to find something that wasn’t sketchy or shady, I thought to myself, “Where’s the Christian Halloween store?”  Now I realize that this may be an oxymoron to some; however, I began to wonder what all one might find in the Christian Halloween store.  Here’s some of our ponderings . . .

  • Definitely masks of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and William Carey.  It is Reformation Day ya know.
  • A shepherd outfit
  • Probably some OT characters: Moses, David, maybe a prophet or 2
  • Peanuts characters . . . Linus does quote the Christmas story, remember?
  • Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber
  • Just say no to the Bibleman
  • Got to have some ladies: Mary, Martha, Ruth, Esther, Rahab post fall of Jericho, Church Lady

You would also have to have some good accessories . . .

  • Big Baptist hair wigs
  • A Preaching Bible (KJV only)
  • Youth pastor paste-on soul patch
  • the armor of God (Eph 6) . . . gotta have that sword of the spirit
  • offering plate

Anyway, we had a good time thinking of these things.  So now you tell us what things you would expect to find in the Christian Halloween store.

200th post

For the 200th post, I have been thinking about something deep or meaningful that would really set the stage for the next 200 . . . but once I saw this, I knew it was meant to be

Thank you SBCVoices for this link