Welcome Home Hamptons!

100_2926Our good friends Roger and Courtney and Asher just returned home from their time in the Pacific Rim as ISC’ers.  We went to the airport and surprised them to welcome them home; it was our first time to meet their son Asher who was born this fall while they were there!  We have a link to their blog on the sidebar if you would like to read more about their trip.  They are coming to visit us the first week of January so we will be looking forward to hearing more about their 2 years over there.

Crazy Jesus Statue

If you are ever headed up I-75 toward Dayton, OH, you will want to make sure that you take in this scene. There is a massive Jesus with his hands up towards the sky in a pond in front of this church. No, this is not photo-shopped for effect . . . this is the real thing.

I don’t really know what this accomplishes to be honest. There are a few Facebook groups dedicated to this particular “sight” with some clever additions to the statue. The church will always be known as the church with the freakishly-large Jesus in a pond. Otherwise, I’m not sure.

On another note, Beth and I have been enjoying reading a blog called Stuff Christians Like. This has some funny stuff on it such as the “Sounds Almost Like a Christian Band Hall-of-Fame” list. I would like to nominate this statue to the “Crazy things you find in front of churches” Hall-of-Fame.

Trunk or Treat: Clue Edition

Well, we had yet another fun and successful Trunk or Treat at Cedar Creek Baptist Church on Friday, Oct. 31, 2008!  It was announced that we had about 680 guests from our community come through our church parking lot to meet and greet with members and get candy, hot dogs, apple cider, popcorn, a free hayride, and a free picture!  That’s awesome!  I pray that those will come back to join us for our service and hopefully get plugged in at CCBC, but more importantly, I hope these peeps open up to a relationship with JC!

Here is the whole crew in front of our “Study” (from left to right) Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, and Prof. Plum!  Everybody did a great job with getting their costumes and I don’t think we paid over $20 for 2 costumes!  Good ‘ol Salvation Army and Goodwill! 

Here we are in the photo booth with our weapons (from left to right) Col. Mustard with the lead pipe, Miss Scarlet with the wrench, Mrs. White with the knife, Mr. Green with the rope, Mrs. Peacock with the candlestick, and Prof. Plum with the revolver.  ha!  We had a great time and we’re trying to think up our 4th Trunk or Treat idea for our time at CCBC!

Happy Halloween! (Happy Reformation Day!)

Today is probably my wife’s favorite holiday because we get to dress up in creative costumes and decorate for Fall.  She loves fall as well because of the cool weather and changing colors in the trees.  Last night we went on our date night up to Hillcrest to see all the houses which go way overboard in Halloween decorating . . . but it was still pretty cool to see some of the ideas.  Then we headed over to the Pie Kitchen for dessert and then to Krispy Kreme to buy 2 Pumpkin shaped donuts to enjoy for a good Halloween Breakfast!

Every year we usually dress up twice.  Last weekend we had our 2nd annual Costume Party.  This year’s theme was Nursery Rhymes, and we went as Jack and Jill . . . . after they fell down the hill.  Yet, somehow it looks like Jack took the brunt of the fall?  You can see more pics of the fun at our Flikr page on the right side of the screen.  My fav was little Miss Muffett and her spider.

Then tonight we are heading to church for Trunk or Treat where we will be Mr. Green and Mrs. White in the Library with the rope and the knife.  HA!  Stay tuned for more pictures to come . . .

Sugar and Spice makes everything nice…looking

Recently, I (Beth) and some friends put on a baby shower for a friend at church.  She is naming her baby Rylee…isn’t that cute?  And they deemed me responsible for the cake…scary, huh?  Well, I’m sure this is a little known fact about BJackson, but I LOVE cakes in shapes and bright colors.  haha…strange, I know, but a long time ago, my good friend Kim told me, “Simple minds.  Simple pleasures.”  So, here is the cake…. : )

Christian Radio

Seeing that it is already August 1st (craziness), I thought I would post a fun blog I wrote in Feb ’07 about my thoughts on Christian Radio here in Louisville.  So enjoy and laugh and enjoy the first day of a new month:

But today’s real rambling is about Christian radio.  I pretty much now listen to sports talk radio but during those commercials, I will flip over to the 2 Christian radio stations we have here.  Here’s my rant with them:  There are more artist out there than Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, and Barlow Girl!!!  But yet, this is almost all I hear.  And we have 2 [now 3] stations.  It’s really starting to get annoying.  At one point a few weeks ago, Beth and I were trying to think of the last time we heard a new song on either station.  The newest song was released back in December, we think.  So, here’s what I’m gonna do.  I am starting my list of ways I would run my station if I had one.  Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

– No songs over 15 years old.  So this year, nothing older than 1992 can be played . . . except during Oldies night on the first Friday night of the month.  This whole night can be dedicated to all these “classic” oldies.  You know, when Micheal W had long hair, Twila Paris won a Dove Award, and the synthesizer was the bomb.  Then in the last week of December, we would have a “retirement party” countdown for all those songs that reach 15 years old.  EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE:  DC Talks songs don’t count.  Why?  They are Beth’s favorite.

– I would have selected “special hours” during the day.  A Praise and Worship hour maybe about mid-morning or afternoon would be good.  Also I would have a “Who was that?” hour dedicated to only playing songs from new bands you might not have ever heard of.  Then I would have to have the Albert Mohler program on also.  He’s the man.

– If a song has been re-made more than twice, it’s not allowed.  I can not tell you how many times I have heard “I Will Give You All My Worship” or “Better is One Day” by mulitiple artists.  I mean foreal; it’s getting out of hand.  So, you want your song on my radio, then don’t redo one that’s already been redone.  Same goes for those who take secular-christian songs and make them christian . . . ala Josh Groban and Rascal Flatts remakes.

– Finally, I would put a cap on how many times a song can be played in a 24 hour period.  Right now I am leaning toward 3 times, but I am willing to drop that down to 2.


Christmas in July?

It is at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN!  This past weekend, we went to visit our friends Chad and Heidi who live there in Santa Claus.  Saturday, we spent most the entire day enjoying the fun that is Holiday World.  How we missed this hidden jewel these past few years I will never know.  No offense to Six Flags KY Kingdom, but Holiday World is the bomb.  It feels open and clean and spacious and the water park is much better.  Anyway, if you have the chance to go, you should.

Creation Museum visit

Beth and I had the great opportunity to visit the Creation Museum near Cincinnati with the Thompson’s this past Saturday.  While this was our second visit, we felt like this time we were able to take in more since it was not as busy as this time last year.  The great thing about the museum is that it is set up so that you can go at your own pace.  If you want to read everything at that station or watch every video, you can without thinking that you are holding up the line.  I am also glad to say that Jason “drank the juice” and is leaning now more towards a young earth view which says that the Earth is really only about 6,000 years old.  While some may discredit this view, what they cannot discredit is the fact that this museum provides a great amount of science and logic to defend their view and to counter the opposing views.  One of the comments Jason made that I like was that he was sort of expecting that the museum would present these grand views but with no meat behind it to stand on.  However, after going through the whole tour, he felt like they had supported and defended every argument they produced!  Here are a couple of factoids that I remember and that stuck out in my mind:

  • The word “dinosaur” was not invented until the mid-1800’s so of course it is not in the Bible.
  • According to the Biblical timeline, Methuselah was born 200 years before Adam died . . . and overlapped the life of Noah.  So he could have heard from Adam about the Fall and then relayed the story to Noah.
  • The center piece of their theory is the great, worldwide Flood.  This accounts for the shifting of the continents, the ice on Greenland, the great canyons and caves, and the crisp fossils discovered.
  • From my own reasoning, if the land was in the Pangaea-like state before the flood, then Mt. Everest did not exist until after the flood.  If these massive mountain ranges did not exist, then this would allow for the whole earth to be covered and yet the people on the ark not die from being at 29,000 ft for nearly one year.

So Much SNOW!!

Cool Snowman Originally uploaded by willandbeth.This is Beth’s snowman that she helped build with Jessica. We had so much fun playing in the 13″ of snow that we got. We went out both Friday night and then again on Saturday morning. Click on the snowman to see many more pictures of our fun.In fact it was Too Much Fun!100_2353.jpg