The Creek begins new season with a bang

batball01No layoff rust here for The Creek as they (finally) got to play their first game in a new season with a convincing 18-12 victory over their opponent. Returning for another season after a 2nd place finish, the Creek’s bats were hot right out of the gate nearly batting through the lineup in the 1st inning and never looked back. A few errors in the 5th nearly let the opponent back into the game; however, the hot bats continue to pour on the runs to cruise to an easy victory for the Creek.

New coach and pitcher Will J said afterward that he was nervous about coaching his first game, but that the first inning really settled his nerves. Rookie first-basemen Bo Irvin said that he was glad to get the first game under his belt and looks to get more comfortable for the next game to come.

Game Ball goes to the whole team for working hard over the off-season to stay fresh. While the fielding will need some improvement, the bats are looking good. The top 4 of Dave, Justin, Todd, and Purvis continue to punish the opponents while the middle of the line-up has seen much improvement over last year. Josiah told this reporter, “I have been working in keeping my elbow up. While I didn’t get the hit I wanted, all the shots were good line drives.”

All looks good on the game front this year. Some small improvements on the fielding side, and we could be looking at another possible Championship run!

The Creek falter yet again

Disappointment.  That’s all that could be said of yet another late inning loss by the Creek last night at Veterans Memorial Field.  In control for the first 4 innings, The Creek let yet another game slip away in the final few innings.  Up 7-3 in the bottom of the next to last inning, the previously solid defense allowed 4 runs to tie the game at 7.  Things looked like they were turning around when the scored 2 in the top of the next inning.  It could have been more.  With runners in scoring position, they failed to get anymore runs which would cost them the game.  In the bottom of the last inning, the home team just pounded the ball scoring at least 5 runs.  With 2 outs, the Creek had a chance to extend the game if they could just get that last out before time expired.  Unfortunately, the bottom of their line up continued their hot hitting and time expired.  While the Creek was hoping that last week’s victory would give them momentum, it just didn’t happen.  Now, they have to wait yet another week before playing again in the regular season finale.

“That’s just terrible,” said LF Todd Flannery about the umpires in this game.  While the Creek’s loss can’t be totally blamed for the defeat, it sure didn’t help.  There was the controversial play in the middle of the game that Justin tagged up too early.  Then in that last inning, Todd made an amazing throw from deep left all the way to home where Jason made the catch on 1 hop and tagged the guy out only to have him called safe.

The game ball goes to the defense . . . only to have it taken back.  Some great catches in the outfield, good pitching, 2 shutout innings, and a few double plays set the tone early.  However, too many errors by both the infield and outfield cause the defense to have to give the ball back.  Props to Keith, Todd, and Justin for their continued hot hitting.  Props also to Flora for getting a solid base hit . . . only to be thrown out on the next at-bat trying to go to 3rd.

Yours truly went 2-3 while playing right center for only the second time in his career.  The night was highlighted by a great sliding catch to end one inning, and then followed by tripping over my own foot chasing down another line drive.  Yep, that’s the way it goes.

Rusty Creek

Coming off a month layoff due to bye weeks and rain, the Creek fell 2 runs short in the final inning to lose for the second time this season.  It was evident that both teams were not quite ready to play till later in the game as they traded a few runs here or there to keep it close.  In the final inning, the winning team squeaked out 2 runs and then the Creek went down 1-2-3 to close out the game.

Game ball does go to Todd who finally found his swing and went 3-3; unfortunately, he was the only one who really got some hits.  Outside of many errors by the other team, this game should not have been close.  Props go to Josiah for his great fielding in RF dealing with the blinding sun. 

Yours truly had a horrible game going 1-3 including making an out in the final at-bat. . . maybe too much work on that golf swing during the break.

“A win is a win . . .

. . . no matter how ugly it is” was the sound heard around the dugout after the Creek’s 8-7 victory in the final inning against the Cuban church.  Trailing from the 1st inning, the Creek just could never get their bats going.  Everything was either popped up or hit right to a very skilled Cuban defense.  After a rough 1st inning, the Creek’s defense settled down and held their own even getting 3 outs on 3 pitches; however, it wasn’t until their last at-bat that any sort of rally formed.  Finally, the top half of the lineup produced some good hits and scored a few runs starting the comeback.  After cutting the lead to 1, pinch hitter Will J came to the plate and hit into a fielder’s choice to tie the game at 7.  After a walk to load the bases with 1 out, lead off Dave Raulston hit a dribbler to short who tried to turn a double-play, but quick-footed Dave beat out the throw at first and the Creek claimed the victory.  “I have been working out all off-season even losing about 10-15 pounds,” said Dave in a pre-season interview.  Aren’t we glad that he did . . .

Game ball has to go to Dave not only for getting the winning RBI, but for really being the only Creeker to actually hit the ball last night.  Props to Keith for coming into the game in relief and holding the opponents to only a few more runs.  While the Creek was missing some players, such as the fantasy sleeper Scott “Hurricane” Davis, next week’s bye week will hopefully help give the team a break as they get ready for the stretch run to the playoffs.  It is this reporter’s desire that they would spend next Thursday at the batting cage instead.


The Creek rebounds for a strong victory

Rebounding from the disappointing loss last week, The Creek showed up to play yesterday in a dominating performance against the LDS church.  Led by the solid pitching of Kenny and the return of Justin to the lineup, The Creek led from the beginning and never looked back.  “It’s good to be back and helping out the team,” said last year’s MVP.  While maybe not completely 100%, his ankle had no effect on his swing as he placed the ball all over the field.  The Creek was also glad to get back outfielder Briggs after a 3 week layoff.  While there was no rust on his bat, we still have to wait and see how the glove is since Kenny’s fastball’s allowed hardly any hits to the outfield. 

Game ball goes to Kenny for notching a K and making the good pitches even with the crosswind.  Props go to Todd for his “rounding third-somersault flip-still scored” acrobatics due to this author’s horrible third base coaching.  Props also to Big JT for coming out of retirement (even bringing back the throw-back jersey) to join the team this year.

And finally, yours truly continues to be quick with the bat going 2-3.  Now if we could just turn those singles into doubles, we might keep moving up the lineup . . .

The Creek slows to a drip; falls to defending champs

1 inning.  That was all it took for the hope of finally beating their rival to vanquish into thin air.  Going into the 4th inning, the Creek was leading 5-1 after some good solid base hits leading to runs and some lights out play at third by Purvis.  However, the thought was always there that the defending champs would not stay down for long . . . and they didn’t.  Westport Road rallied for a 9-run inning to go ahead 10-5 and then swept up the Creek 1-2-3 in the bottom half to change the momentum.  The Creek suffered from 2 errors in that fateful inning to let the champs get some momentum and then just could not get the bats to get hot again finally losing 14-6.  “We just weren’t ready to play them yet.  Some guys have only swung the bat 3 times this season,” said Coach Keith after the game.  The Creek look to regain their form, and hopefully their bats, next week at 6:30 as they continue their push for the trophy.

Game Ball goes to Purvis for his outstanding play at third fielding some shots down the line; one of those leading to the breaking of the web in his glove.  Props to Dave at short for making some solid stops as well.  Props also to 1b Will J for continuing his success at the plate going 3-3 bringing his 2 game total to 6-7.  On the injury front, rumor is circulating that last year’s MVP Justin may make an early return from the IR; Coach Keith had no comment as of the time of this report.

The Creek shakes off the rust, rolls to victory

In the first game of the year, Coach Keith led the Creek to an easy victory but only after a few rusty innings at the plate.  SS Dave led off the game with a triple, yet the Creek could only manage 1 run.  After some good field play, the Creek’s bats never could really get hot.  A few runs here anda few runs there was all that they could come up with failing to capitalize and leaving men on base.  They even had 2 strikeouts; one by Will J looking and the other by Kenny swinging!  However, after giving up some runs in the 4th, the Creek responded with a strong 5th inning to put the game out of reach and closed the final two innings without giving up a hit.

All-Star third baseman Justin rolled his ankle earlier in the week and had to be put on the IR list for the season.  So the game ball goes to Flora and Purvis for filling in at third and doing a fine job.  Props to Coach Keith for rotating everyone around to get a look at players in different positions and to get everyone some playing time.  With a full roster this year (16 players), this is going to be a challenge some weeks.  Props also to Kenny for pitching a solid game.  No time to rest and celebrate; next up for The Creek is the defending champs and rivals, Westport Road. 

Finally, yours truly went 3-4; unfortunately, he was thrown out at 2nd after rounding the base to far on the first hit and struck out looking at both pitches another time.  How embarrassing.

Opening Day 2008

“Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, today, look at me – centerfield”

Today begins another journey for the elusive Men’s Softball Championship trophy by the Cedar Creek (“The Creek”) Baptist softball team.  Coming off last year’s heartbreaking lossto Westport Road in the last inning of the championship game by 1 run, the Creek returns all but 1 of it’s starting 10 from last year and is ready to capitalize on a third year of playing together.  While the loss of outfielder Chad Flannery will be big, the addition of Chris Flora should add some more power to an already potent lineup.  An off-season of basketball on Thursday nights has kept most of the team in shape.  Team MVP Justin looks to return for another All-Star season at 3rd base while clean-up hitter Todd Flannery takes the lead as assistant coach underneath the legend, Coach Keith.  This year, the Coach is coming out of the bullpen as he puts his trust in former 1B, Will Jackson, to carry the team on the mound.  We are also interested to see if his “golf swing” returns for another season at the plate.  Also excited about this year’s season, SS Dave Raulston has been working out and has lost 10 lbs. in his off-season routine.  “I am so excited this year.  I can not wait” exclaimed Raulston this past week.  Everyone’s favorite fantasy DH, Braylon Dole, is back for another season; with such high expectations, it will be interesting to watch his bat this year to see if he can keep up with last year’s pace.  Second basemen J Benge and left center Briggs have both been hitting really well in practice and are ready to control the bottom half of the lineup.  As long as the pride stays in check, there should be no stopping The Creek this year.

Stay tuned every Friday for your insider’s look at the game, the stats, and some interviews with the players as The Creek begins its journey for the title.

The Creek dries up . . .

Without going into detail (cause I couldn’t relive it again), agony was felt by the CCBC softball team last week as they lost the championship game in the bottom of the last inning with 2 outs.  It was just . . . that . . . close.

Random Thoughts of the week

  • Is anyone else as EXCITED as I am that the Simpson’s movie is coming out on Friday?
  • On that note, wrote an article on the Top 10 episodes ever.  (#2 is my all-time favorite)
  • Softball was rained out last week so tonight barring any other rain will be the semifinals and championship game.  I’ll report tomorrow.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Blogs are very similar to local Sports Talk radio shows?  I’ve been thinking alot about this and will give you my comparisons next week.
  • 4 weeks till College Football Season rolls around!!
  • I just finished reading the book Memoirs of a Gentleman and a Scholar about James P. Boyce, the first president of SBTS.  Great book!  In fact, my appreciation for the fact that we even have a seminary has grown tremendously after seeing all that it took to build this institution.