And we’re back!

It seems like forever before this blog gets updated…sorry ’bout that.  We are in the midst of selling all of our stuff and our house, so, it’s been a teensy (or is it tinsy?) bit busy…hopefully, there will be an update soon on our official timetable made by THE Will Jackson towards the beginning of August.  Me and the girls are really enjoying our time together this summer and have done a number of things….sleep in, eat, nap, play in the pool, eat, art time, eat, read, go to the zoo, go to church, eat….how many times a day do they eat?  It’s been great and there is more adventure yet to come, I’m sure…

We celebrated 4th of July weekend with my folks and had a nice, relaxing weekend…we haven’t had that in a long time…so, before the real madness, that is the month of July, starts, we wanted to veg out and chill w/ some family.  Oh, I wanted to share about a book I am reading, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers…..WHOA.  Can’t put it down to save my life….I’m not a big book reader, repeat, I cannot stand reading…..but I really love this book.  It’s based on the Hosea/Gomer story in the Bible and I strongly encourage you to run out and buy it….go ahead!   I’d love to chat about it…it has captured me in 2 ways…1.  Just being so thankful that the Lord is a loving God that will always come after His people and 2. Thankful that my husband would do the same.  Now, don’t get any cheeky ideas, I’m not into that kind of business that Will would have to run out after me….but I am so grateful for a man who would if he had to.
Will has been….well, I’m not really sure….oh yes, he sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago, so, I have been tending to him 🙂  He is projected to resume athletics in 2 more weeks…and get ready for his work’s golf tourney at the end of the month…

Which leads me to some very exciting weekends coming up!  We are planning on heading down to Knoxville one of the last weekends in July to see some friends and to see Mahaney’s namesake.  CJ Mahaney and his family will be preaching at the Alexander’s church and this is the man who we have named our 2nd kiddo after.  He (& his family) have been so influential Will and my faith journey and we just love him.  Granted, we don’t know him on a really personal level, we still have been affected by his love for Jesus.  Check out a little bit about him here.  Don’t you just love his squinty eyes when he smiles??  He is truly a hoot!
Also, my dear friends Anna and Taiter are planning a trip at the end of July to see us!  I can’t tell you how much this makes my heart leap.  It’s been a year since the triple threat has been reunited and I’m totally looking forward to the late nights, many laughs and hilarious stories we will share.  Too bad they’ll have to see me acting like the “mommy”….Stay tuned folks….

A Picture to Make Beth’s Day

One of our favorite speakers/authors is C. J. Mahaney.  He is one of the leaders of Sovereign Grace Ministries (which has some of the best worship music out now).  But anyway, his wife, Carolyn, runs a blog with her daughters called Girl Talk which Beth likes to read.  This entry has just made our day; and not so much because of the content but because of the picture associated with it.  Wow.  Just Wow!

Note: C. J. is the one in the plaid suit!!

Enlarged Photo