pict0045The team made it to the Valley by God’s grace! They are exhausted, but checked into their hotel and have had a meeting with our national partner that we will be working with. Also, the Valley has been experiencing 10+ hours of power outages each day, so, Will called to let me know they got there and will be emailing me with more details tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers!

Please continue to pray for their safety, health (spiritual and physical) and boldness to share the Good News!

Crazy Jesus Statue

If you are ever headed up I-75 toward Dayton, OH, you will want to make sure that you take in this scene. There is a massive Jesus with his hands up towards the sky in a pond in front of this church. No, this is not photo-shopped for effect . . . this is the real thing.

I don’t really know what this accomplishes to be honest. There are a few Facebook groups dedicated to this particular “sight” with some clever additions to the statue. The church will always be known as the church with the freakishly-large Jesus in a pond. Otherwise, I’m not sure.

On another note, Beth and I have been enjoying reading a blog called Stuff Christians Like. This has some funny stuff on it such as the “Sounds Almost Like a Christian Band Hall-of-Fame” list. I would like to nominate this statue to the “Crazy things you find in front of churches” Hall-of-Fame.

Christmas in July?

It is at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN!  This past weekend, we went to visit our friends Chad and Heidi who live there in Santa Claus.  Saturday, we spent most the entire day enjoying the fun that is Holiday World.  How we missed this hidden jewel these past few years I will never know.  No offense to Six Flags KY Kingdom, but Holiday World is the bomb.  It feels open and clean and spacious and the water park is much better.  Anyway, if you have the chance to go, you should.

Creation Museum visit

Beth and I had the great opportunity to visit the Creation Museum near Cincinnati with the Thompson’s this past Saturday.  While this was our second visit, we felt like this time we were able to take in more since it was not as busy as this time last year.  The great thing about the museum is that it is set up so that you can go at your own pace.  If you want to read everything at that station or watch every video, you can without thinking that you are holding up the line.  I am also glad to say that Jason “drank the juice” and is leaning now more towards a young earth view which says that the Earth is really only about 6,000 years old.  While some may discredit this view, what they cannot discredit is the fact that this museum provides a great amount of science and logic to defend their view and to counter the opposing views.  One of the comments Jason made that I like was that he was sort of expecting that the museum would present these grand views but with no meat behind it to stand on.  However, after going through the whole tour, he felt like they had supported and defended every argument they produced!  Here are a couple of factoids that I remember and that stuck out in my mind:

  • The word “dinosaur” was not invented until the mid-1800’s so of course it is not in the Bible.
  • According to the Biblical timeline, Methuselah was born 200 years before Adam died . . . and overlapped the life of Noah.  So he could have heard from Adam about the Fall and then relayed the story to Noah.
  • The center piece of their theory is the great, worldwide Flood.  This accounts for the shifting of the continents, the ice on Greenland, the great canyons and caves, and the crisp fossils discovered.
  • From my own reasoning, if the land was in the Pangaea-like state before the flood, then Mt. Everest did not exist until after the flood.  If these massive mountain ranges did not exist, then this would allow for the whole earth to be covered and yet the people on the ark not die from being at 29,000 ft for nearly one year.

South Asia what!?!

Over the past year, Will and I have been thinking (and listening to) the Lord wants us to go back to S. Asia. We have 100_2304.jpgconsidered it a couple of times, but things just haven’t worked out. We don’t have the money, can’t get the vacation time off, etc. (As would any Believer who is considering missions…) It’s been awesome to see how G-money has led me into getting a new job (substitute teaching), which has led me to get a longer term sub position (at a Christian school!) so I’ll have summers and Christmas break off and how Will has stepped up to full time at Summit and has gotten paid vacation days now! Praise Him! We are 98% sure we are going back to the Nepal region and working with some contacts there reaching Buddhists and Hindus. We’ll be going for 2 weeks right before Christmas and right after the New Year. So, as we plan and consider raising money and asking for prayer over the next year, if you feel that the Lord is leading you to give instead of go, please feel free to help us live out Matthew 28:19-20! Here is us in our Sherpa outfits last weekend. We helped out at a missions conference at a small church in Louisville and it was a great time rehashing how much God has drawn us closer to Him and how much we desire to be obedient and serve. We love you all!


Beth and I did make it home yesterday after spending the longest day ever in the Newark airport.  We will be adding pictures and stories during the next few weeks.  Right now, we are just trying to play catch up with both work, school, and sleep.

We’ve Arrived!!

Just wanted to drop a quick line and say Happy Resurrection Day!!  We finally arrived in England and have met all of Beth’s family.  Today, we started our travel around the area taking day trips here and there.  Will even got to play a few holes of golf!  We might try and post a picture or two, but we aren’t really sure if we can get it online.  Either way, we are taking lots of pictures to post when we get home.

We have had a lovely time so far.  Beth and her sister and mom have switched into full ‘English’ accent while Will is still trying to understand all that is said.  We will post more stories later.

Going to England??

So, right now, Beth and I are in TN preparing to go to England with her family to visit her grandparents and tour around.  Only problem is we should have already been there by now. 

Yesterday morning, we got up and printed up our boarding passes, loaded up the car, and got in line at the airport.  Only problem was that sometime in the few hours between our printing and arriving, the first leg of the flight was CANCELLED!  Bootleg.  Apparently there was some crazy high winds in Newark.  So, we came back home last night and now we will give it a go again today.

I don’t know how much internet we will have over there, but if we do, we will do our best to update our blog as we go.