Closed for the Season!

closed 1As we prepare to finish out our term here in FLL and prepare to return for a short time to America, we think it’s best to close out our blog for this season of our life.  As you can tell from the last blog (published in early March!), it has been just a bit busy around here; and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

We hope to gain some insight while in America for how to best utilize our blog when we return to the FLL.  In the meantime, feel free to peruse the archives and relive some of the fun of the past 3.5 years!

Advent 2014 v1.0 – Week 4

Ha!  Sorry this is coming at an awkward time!  As you can see in the 2 previous posts from Will J about our romatical history, our computer crashed before Christmas so I couldn’t post the rest of the ornaments!  Sheesh!

Anyways, so, to finish up the series of our first Advent Jesse Tree from here, here and here, see the plan below 😉  It was fun mixing our Christmas tradition up this year…the girls enjoyed this addition and we can see some areas of improvement!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season this past year and we pray that 2015 will be filled with opportunities to draw closer to our Savior!

4th Sunday – Preparing the Way (the back of John) – Luke 1:57-80

  • Can read “Heaven breaks through” in JSB

Monday – Mary: The Mother of Jesus (Mary praising the Lord) – Luke 1:26-38

  • Can read “He’s here!” in JSB

Tuesday – Angels Proclaim His Birth (Angel’s face) – Luke 2:8-14

  • Can read “The light of the whole world” in JSB

Wednesday (Christmas Eve) – Jesus’ Birth (Manger scene) – Luke 2:6-21




Advent 2014 v1.0 – Week 2

2nd Sunday – Joseph’s Forgiveness (Coat of many colors) – Gen 37:1-36, 45:4-15

  • Can read “The forgiving prince” in JSB (Jesus Storybook Bible for those just tuning in!)

Monday – Moses and the Burning Bush (Burning bush) – Ex 2:1-4:20IMG_8250

  • Can read “God to the rescue!” in JSBIMG_8251
  • In later years we will combine the Burning bush ornament w/ Passover & the Red Sea (Door w/ blood on post) – Ex 12:1-14:31 (Can read “God makes a way” in JSB) and The Ten Commandments (Tablets) – Ex 19:1-20:20, Deut 5:1-22 (Can read “Ten ways to be perfect” in JSB)

Tuesday – Ruth’s Loyalty (Wheat) – Ruth 1:15-2:13, 4:13-22

Wednesday – Jesse’s Descendants (Stump of Jesse from 1st Sunday) – Is 11:1-5

Thursday – David is Anointed as King (Water being poured on head) – 1 Sam 16:1-13

  • Can read “The teeny weenie true king” in JSB

Friday – God’s Forgotten Scroll is Found (Scroll) – 2 Kings 22:2, 23:1-3IMG_8252

Saturday – The Good Shepherd (Shepherd w/ sheep) – Ez 34:2b, 4-5, 10-12, 15a, 16a, 23-24IMG_8253

  • Can read “Operation no more tears” in JSB
  • In later years we will combine the Shepherd ornament w/ Light of the World (Sparkly star) – Ps 27:1-3, John 1:9, 8:12, and The Suffering Servant (Cross) – Is 53:4-7, 9, 12b


10 Things I Think I Think

One of my (Will) favorite things to do during football season is reading Peter King’s MMQB column on Mondays. I especially like to read his section called “10 things I think I think.” So in honor of the start of the NFL season (and fantasy football season), here are 10 Things I Think I Think…

1. I think that I have a Love/Hate (cheap FF ref) with the culture here. The slowness of the pace of life is great. The having to wait hours or even days to have something accomplished is not. The food is really good and flavorful. But a bite of the wrong chili and you won’t taste the food for 3 days. The friendliness and hospitality is refreshing. The constant freak-show staring is not.

2. I think that I have learned more about God, Christ, the Spirit, His church, and salvation than I have ever learned in my life while here in FLL. There is something about being stretched to your limit and beyond over and over that forces you to draw closer to the one who is stretching you.

3. I also think that I have had more deep lows while living here in FLL. It is really hard to just cruise while living on the edge of lostness.

4. I think that I have personally shared the gospel more times in 20 months than I have in 23 years as a follower of Christ. I am also learning that these 23 years of inactivity have left lots of rust on my ability to share and have confidence in what I am doing.

5. I think that Sovereign Grace Music is producing some of the best worship music out today. From Age to Age, Grace has Come, and Risen are just a few of the ones that I listen to regularly.

6. I think these are a few thing that I really miss from America:
a) Krispy Kreme
b) Propane grills. See below for more
c) Central heat and air
d) Interstates
e) Football, the American kind

7. I think that I thought I knew how to start a fire. A half hour after trying and failing, I had to ask our house helpers for help. Five minutes later, the fire was roaring nicely. Two days later, I started the fire in the brick grill, but I then realized I couldn’t keep it burning.

8. I think that living overseas causes one to have an identity crisis. There is no blending in. To some you are a rockstar; to others you are a circus freak show. Both stare and want to take your picture. Either way, it’s not always fun.

9. Five quick thoughts about football
a) I think that I am going to crush my company FF league. My draft was awesome.
b) I think that the auction draft format is the most fun and the most challenging.
c) I think that the CCBC East division is going to be ridiculous to win. Great players who all have great teams.
d) I think an SEC team will win the national title, though I hope that Louisville has a chance to play for it.
e) I think I have no idea who will win the Super Bowl. And really, I don’t care. I just want my fantasy players to score TD’s.

10. I think know that I have a great wife! Beth has been a great helper in this journey. She forgives my faults and lives with my preferences. She challenges my pride and accepts my weaknesses. She loves Jesus. She loves me. She loves our daughters. She desires to raise them according the Bible. And for all this, I love her!

Happy 30+ Birthday Will J!

So, Aug 3, 1979 Will J was born into this world…he’s become our favorite man in the whole world and such a leader of our family!  Please take a moment of silence to thank the Lord for our Will (Thrill) J AND this picture…(thanks Lindsey!!)

Photo 12Oh, and he LOVES Star Wars, so, here’s some of the SW snowflakes I made…found here.  Hilarious, right?



Whoa, what day is today??

…ok, so today is the 21st of January (p.m. currently for us) and no blog entries yet?!  So sorry…

So, at the beginning of January, January 1st to be exact, we took an overnight train


and a plane the next day to reach Bangkok, Thailand!  We spent 6 days there and had a great time…which included eating BEEF,


visiting with friends, going to an aquarium (thanks Great-Granny!),


playing at a HUGE indoor playground (thanks Grandaddy and Granmommy!)


and getting our annual checkups at the super nice hospital there!

Then, we got back and potty trained Mahaney!  She’s doing great…I (Beth) enjoy the method we use even though it can be pretty stressful at times.  Bug is doing well and little to no accidents after the first week.

After this 2 day process, Will left for a 2 day training!  The girls and I had some fun and played with some new things a sweet church in MO sent us.  So thankful!!  Will got to follow up with 8 guys from a previous training and teaching them about Paul’s 3 *m* journeys and how this applies to them as church planters.

Then, I left for a 3 day women’s training in the neighboring state…whew!  It was exhausting, but really interesting!  I even got to share with these ladies how I share the Good News sometimes in Hindi!  I am hoping to start one of these trainings soon, but I’m gonna need some prayer about that.

All in all, we’ve had a wonderful start to a new year…we hope you all can say the same.  Love and miss you!

We wish you a Merry Christmas…


…so, the thing to do here is receive carolers into your home from various friends’ churches around Christmas time.  We never did that in the States and, at first, I thought it might be awkward and weird.  But we received our first group of 11 on Friday night.  It was fun and we even got to get up and

IMG_4334dance around. AND the girls participated, which I was not anticipating.  They came and sang some songs in Hindi and Nepali, we enjoyed,


all of us danced around a little bit and then, we partook of some milk tea and oreos (who had a sugar rush after that?!?!)  We gave them a small gift and prayed with them…oh, and we sang Jingle Bells with them in English, too…ha!


September, say wha?

Whoa…August flew by…we had a pretty good month and are plunging into September full speed.  This first week, the whole fam braved the trip to New Delhi!  It was a fun time to visit and catch up with friends, see the shopping sites, and play some much needed Settlers of Catan.  Ha!  Our friends that had been staying in Delhi for a few weeks now were awaiting their sweet little girl to be born, so, we scheduled a time for us to visit and meet with them and another family on our team.  Funny thing is, the morning we were supposed to fly out, we get a text that our friend had given birth!  So we were able to meet the little bundle – Maddie even got to hold her!  She was so excited (see picture left).

So, we got to go shopping at the nicest malls we’ve ever seen and along the way, we found a s.w.e.e.t. free playground for the kiddo’s to play on while we switched off who got to shop.  Pah!  They had a blast, of course, and me and my friend got to shop for some things for our girls for Christmas.  Will and his buddy went to the movie store and got some new movies for us to watch (yay!)…maybe we should update on the movies we’ve been watching and which ones we could have done without.  Ha!

We had a good time and I (Beth) got to go out w/ the girls and chat about life.  We talked about our engagement stories, struggles in parenting and life in general,  the challenges in language learning, how to use language learning in ministry and ministry in language learning, and interesting things we’ve discovered in South Asian culture.  Of course, I cried (which I’m finding I do a whole lot more of these days), but it was a sweet time to hear from each other what we’re going through these days.  It’s easy to answer, “We’re doing just fine.  Beating the heat when we can.” when someone asks you how you are doing here, but I value the times when I get to sit down and pour my heart out to a friend.  Even to escape our city for a little while is a nice break, even if it is in the same country.  We hope to take a trip outside of South Asia for our next visa run, but are still working on those logistics.  Maybe you could meet up with us???

Our family is doing well, we do like where we live, we love learning the language…Promise!  Life here can be a bit crazy though…in good ‘ol South Asia…

Up next, Will J will update you with the FOREVER long construction on the house we live in!  Stay tuned!