Happy New Yeay 2010!

 . . . and no, that’s not a misprint (see below).  Beth and I celebrated our 4th anniversary last night.  It’s actually today but this year it was easier to go out last night.  We got to “return to Jamaica” with a dinner at a local Jamaican restaurant while answering Beth’s 9 questions for Will J.  Thanks to Auntie Marisa for watching Maddie for a few hours.

While 2009 has been a great year for the Jackson’s, we are looking forward again to another great year.  Maddie is learning all about New Year’s Eve . . . except that she does not like the noisemakers.  So have a Happy New Yeay everyone!


**while we were in Nepal in 2005, Beth saw a some sheets in one of the villages that said “Happy New Yeay.”  She’s got the pictures to prove it.

Happy Anniversay Beth!

getting-there3 years ago today, I married the most wonderful girl in the world.  However as we celebrate our anniversary, Beth is in Louisville and I am on an airplane flying home from my mission trip.  Getting married on New Year’s Eve was fun, but it has made for some interesting anniversaries. . .

  • 1st – We were moving out of our apartment and into our house.
  • 2nd – We went out to eat; Beth got sick and then slept for about 60 hours straight.

So, I think that next year I owe you, Beth, something special for our anniversary.  Maybe we can see if the grandparents wouldn’t mind watching Maddie for a few days . . .

Anyway, I love you so much Beth.  I have loved every minute of these past 3 years and am looking forward to so many more.

Happy Anniversary!

Will J