Boo #2’s first pictures

baby jackson

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We had our first ultrasound of baby Jackson #2 last week. Here’s the pic of the baby at 12.5 weeks stretching out it’s legs. Check out the flickr page to the right for a few more pics.

October 24th will be here before we know it!

My beautiful wife

It’s amazing how much difference a month makes.  The picture on the left was taken 4 weeks ago.  The picture on the right was taken Sunday night.  It’s crazy how fast Maddie is growing.  She is also starting to kick and move alot more now . . . at least that is what Beth says.  Whenever I try to feel her, she seems to stop moving.


You can check out more pics at our flickr page on the sidebar.

What beats at ~140 beats per minute?

OUR BABY!!  Yep, yesterday Beth and I went to the doctor and heard the heartbeat of our new baby!  Beth is 11 weeks along and we have a tentative due date of March 17th . . . yes, St. Patty’s day.  Beth is doing well but is ready for this first trimester to be over as we both hope that her nausea goes away in a few weeks.  Will is doing well and is trying to help out Beth around the house and especially by going to the grocery store; Beth can’t handle all the food options, for now anyway. 

We both have so many thoughts about becoming parents that we might share here . . . if we can ever figure out how to put them into words.  Pray for us that we raise this child in the way of the Lord being a witness for its salvation.  Pray for the baby that he or she (we are calling it “boo”) would continue to develop into a healthy child and would take it easy on its mommy.