Christian Radio

Seeing that it is already August 1st (craziness), I thought I would post a fun blog I wrote in Feb ’07 about my thoughts on Christian Radio here in Louisville.  So enjoy and laugh and enjoy the first day of a new month:

But today’s real rambling is about Christian radio.  I pretty much now listen to sports talk radio but during those commercials, I will flip over to the 2 Christian radio stations we have here.  Here’s my rant with them:  There are more artist out there than Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, and Barlow Girl!!!  But yet, this is almost all I hear.  And we have 2 [now 3] stations.  It’s really starting to get annoying.  At one point a few weeks ago, Beth and I were trying to think of the last time we heard a new song on either station.  The newest song was released back in December, we think.  So, here’s what I’m gonna do.  I am starting my list of ways I would run my station if I had one.  Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

– No songs over 15 years old.  So this year, nothing older than 1992 can be played . . . except during Oldies night on the first Friday night of the month.  This whole night can be dedicated to all these “classic” oldies.  You know, when Micheal W had long hair, Twila Paris won a Dove Award, and the synthesizer was the bomb.  Then in the last week of December, we would have a “retirement party” countdown for all those songs that reach 15 years old.  EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE:  DC Talks songs don’t count.  Why?  They are Beth’s favorite.

– I would have selected “special hours” during the day.  A Praise and Worship hour maybe about mid-morning or afternoon would be good.  Also I would have a “Who was that?” hour dedicated to only playing songs from new bands you might not have ever heard of.  Then I would have to have the Albert Mohler program on also.  He’s the man.

– If a song has been re-made more than twice, it’s not allowed.  I can not tell you how many times I have heard “I Will Give You All My Worship” or “Better is One Day” by mulitiple artists.  I mean foreal; it’s getting out of hand.  So, you want your song on my radio, then don’t redo one that’s already been redone.  Same goes for those who take secular-christian songs and make them christian . . . ala Josh Groban and Rascal Flatts remakes.

– Finally, I would put a cap on how many times a song can be played in a 24 hour period.  Right now I am leaning toward 3 times, but I am willing to drop that down to 2.