The moment I finally felt old

This year, Maddie was born, I graduated from seminary, and I turned 30.  Yet I never really viewed myself as old.  I’ve had some gray hair for years, but it’s still all there!  I’m still active in the Young Adult ministry here at church.  So, I feeling pretty good . . . until earlier this week.

church_vanOur Young Adult ministry (includes college, single, and young marrieds) is heading out on our retreat today.  Last week, I was asked to drive the church van (1st clue) but didn’t think much of it since I’ve done it before.  Then earlier this week I got the schedule and saw the first session starting at 11:30 pm and said out loud, “That ‘s too late for anything.”

It was then that I realized, this retreat is not for me . . . I’m the younger old guy with the baby bringing the whole family who’s driving the church van.  When I was in college, we called them chaperones. 

I’m now a chaperone.  I’m feeling old.oldman4