Frozen bday party ideas!

Ok, this blog is not Pintrest in the least!  But I (Beth) did get some cute ideas for Maddie’s bday party (some I wanted to do, but didn’t have time or resources) and wanted to share my inspirations!

We played a “Whack an Olaf!” pinata game and the kids loved that!  Any excuse for them to hit something w/ permission is always fun, right?  I just used watered down glue to put at least 3 layers of newspaper strips and then, after it dried, popped the balloon.  Then, I used strips of white printer paper and cut it to make the “flaky” effect and taped them on strip by strip.  Then, just added details to make him look like Olaf!  Here’s some detailed instructions if you need!  The candy doubled as a prize and favor – winning!
IMG_6713Then, came the favors…what to do?  We went for the cute Elsa crowns and Sven Antlers!  Made for a really cute pic of the kids, even though, I think the boys immediately took them off after the picture!  haha….


We had cute Elsa & Anna, Kristoff & Sven, and all lovable Olaf coloring pages for the kiddo’s according to gender and age 😉  I like to be age appropriate (sometimes)!

So, we decorated minimally b/c there’s not a lot of ready made Frozen paraphernalia laying around ‘ol FLL.  So, improvise we did!  There were a lot of cute ideas for how to decorate your food table, but not too many decor ideas about any other part of the party.  So, we made due!

First off, the blue-green “Ice” hard candy…looks really cute on this website’s cake, but I boiled mine for an extra 17 seconds and it burned a little…it was still edible though!
Secondly, the fun Jello “Ice” was fun!  I made Elsa colored ice and Anna colored ice “cubes”…the kids loved it!  And so did I, muhahaha….I just followed the jiggler recipe on the box, but here’s the fancy-schmansy one!
Thirdly, I saw a lot of cute other themed foods, but we we just explored the “Sven Snacks” (carrots), snowflake cookies, “Kristoff Chips”, and “Melted Snow” (water!)…there are plenty of ideas here and here for different foods and decor!

As far as decorations, on the food table, I found some snowy-ish silver glitter plants to use in my spaghetti jar w/ glass beads, I also found some fun silver swirl napkins, and we used some of the cute Frozen dolls that have been sweetly sent to us by our sweet parents!  To greet guests, I made 5 or 6 3D snowflakes and used those throughout the house and at the front door…


stringed up cotton wool balls and these snowflake circles from the ceiling in the “Ice Palace” room (living room), cotton balls delicately distorted to look like snow, the infamous Star Wars snowflakes from here (how did those sneak in?)…


…and a snowy scene of the lovable characters with some printer paper and pipe cleaner snowflakes!



When we were all done eating, we went into the “Ice Palace” where we had the AC on 21, ate popcorn and watched the movie from our upstairs friends’ iTunes version!  The kids had a blast and the adults may have chuckled a time here and there too 😉


After the party, we printed off the said cute picture of the kids w/ their crowns/antlers, wrote a note and we I made some cute snowflake ornaments from the melty beads to give as a thank you…whew, those things look cuter than they are to put together and finagle w/ the ‘ol iron!  Fo Sho!  Here is a pattern you could use…for some reason the site is in Swedish, but you get the idea!

All in all, we had a blast…Maddie loved playing w/ her friends, this was probably the lowest key party we’ve ever thrown, and we actually got to enjoy time w/ our friends here while putting it on!  So, enjoy!  Go and make your own ideas – store bought stuff is overrated anyways 😉