Life in the FLL: Monsoon Season (part 2)

And we’re back!!!  So with monsoon season comes some very interesting and stressful challenges.  Let’s start with the stressful…

So, you know what it takes for mold to grow?  Heat, humidity, and darkness.  You know what my house is during monsoon season?  Hot, humid, and dark!  We have a winner!  We were alerted to the idea of mold season by others living around here, but we really had no idea what we were getting into.  Right before we left for 12 days, we were alerted to a little bit of mold growing on our kitchen wall. (yes you did read that right).  So we cleaned the few spots we saw; no problem.  Well, 12 days later we returned to the mold capital of the world! (slight exaggeration).  For the next 7 days, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  And then we had to clean the same things again and again and again.  I made a list of everything I’ve cleaned in the past week and a half; there are 20 items on there.  In fact, here’s a picture of the mold growing on the bottom of the girls’ dresser drawers. (Note, this was only a week after having been cleaned the first time).

So yeah, mold has become a new 4-letter word in our vocabulary.  My hands smell of vinegar; my eyes seem to be twitching from thinking that every spot on anything is mold.  My nose is running from inhaling all the spores, and my patience with Miss Monsoon is wearing real thin.  But a little humor can go a long way . . .

If you recall, we have a motorcycle for our vehicle.  Well, motorcycles and monsoon really don’t work well together…at all.  There are a few options to getting around during this season.  First, you can just bum rides off of people.  This is what we do for Maddie’s school.  Second, you can just stay at home.  We only do this occasionally when we are just plain tired; the locals also choose this option.  Third, you can call an auto to come and get you.  This works, except that they don’t have doors either so you still get wet and they can get quite expensive.  Fourth, you borrow someone’s car when they are out-of-town.  This is best!! Or fifth, you wait for the gaps in the rain and you hurry out to get done what you need done.  The only problem with this is when you guess wrong, forget your rain jacket, and have a hot pizza on the back of the motorcycle.  What do you do?  Stay dry and eat cold pizza after spending all day cleaning mold? Or do you just laugh at yourself, get soaking wet, and have hot pizza?  Here’s what I decided to do…

Best pizza I’ve ever had!  Now, there is another option that I haven’t tried just yet.  You can still go out on your motorcycle (or bike) and have the person on the back of the bike hold the umbrella to keep you dry.  Now, as soon as I can get a pic of this actually taking place, I will update the blog.

You know what is maddening?  With both angry and gentle monsoon, you can’t get your clothes dry! (Now before we have our pity party, you can buy dryers here.  There hard to find, but they do exist.  They are just a bit pricey.)  So, we now dry all of our clothes in the dining room under the fan on a clothes rack with a standing fan oscillating next to it.  It mostly works and takes about 24 hours to be as dry as you can be when your house is 85% humidity.  HOWEVER, what causes mold?  Heat, humidity, and darkness.  Yep, so drying your clothes inside really doesn’t help the mold situation all that much.

Well, that’s enough for now.  As we see some more fun monsoon pics, we will be sure to post to Facebook or Flickr.  Only 2 more months of monsoon to go!!

Life in the FLL: Monsoon season (part 1)

Yes, this one is going to be a 2-parter.  You see, we took some nice time away for a little vacation and team meetings.  Since we’ve been back, the blog has been quite low on the priority list due to this little thing called MONSOON SEASON!  Now, it’s been raining in the FLL since May.  Yet the locals say that wasn’t the start of monsoon; that was just rain.  Monsoon season didn’t begin until June….and it’s not stopped really raining ever since.

Ya see, monsoon has many personalities.  First, there’s angry monsoon.  Angry Monsoon likes to just absolutely downpour for hours and hours; I mean like really downpour.  Just today, angry monsoon let us know she was angry for about 29 hours straight.  Yards, roads, entire cul-de-sacs were flooded.  Some streets have caved a little due to the ground below being so saturated.  Angry Monsoon even pushes her rain through your umbrella.  The only good thing about angry monsoon is that once she is done, the skies open up and the sun comes out and you are free to come out again….until she strikes again a few hours/days later.

Then there is gentle monsoon.  Gentle Monsoon really isn’t any better.  You see, she will let her rain fall ever so gently for-e-ver.  Yep, earlier in the season, gentle monsoon spent 3 continuous days with us…without stopping.  With her, it just always rains a little.  There is no sun; there is no break.  It…just…seems…to…never…stop.  However, with her you don’t have to worry too much about flooding and you can still get around fairly easily (for monsoon season).

So as far as we know now, these are monsoon’s only 2 personalities.  As any more progress, we will let you know.

Up next: mold, motorcycles, and madness!!!!!!

This meteorological report has been brought to you by the WAVE3 Weather Team.  Not really, but I really do miss staying informed of fun weather lore on their blog.  Check it out (if you live in Louisville).  HA!!