Ramblings & Thoughts

This is the name of our blog, yet we probably should rename it “All about our kids.”  And with another due in Oct, it will probably be more that way than ever.  So Beth has encouraged me to write a non-baby post.  However, I don’t have all that much time to write at length like I would so I’m thinking about just starting a new style of Rambling blogging.  Welcome to first installment!

  • I am trippin on how much attention this pastor in Florida is getting for planning to burn copies of the Koran.  Might I say also that I wish the media would learn to pronounce it properly?  Anyway, I just think this pastor is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.  The video footage I saw had maybe 15 people in the church for this service.  The abc interviewer asked him would Jesus burn the Koran, and his response was “absolutely.”  There’s the first example that this guy is preaching a false gospel with a false savior.  What a shame that this story is now out worldwide.
  • I am excited for NAMB that Kevin Ezell has been nominated to be the next President.  Many who know more will comment on him for this job (here, here), but I think it’s a good move considering the upcoming changes from the GCR Task Force report.  Which leads me to my next rambling . . .
  • I sure hope that the IMB President search committee is more tight-lipped than the NAMB search committee.  Why the NAMB committee would release a statement that they have a candidate but not give the name, then that very same day release the email to the Florida Baptist paper, all the while only giving Kevin Ezell 30 minutes notice while he was on vacation is insane.  The trustees should discipline anyone still a trustee or find a way to condemn Dr. Traylor’s release of the information as well as issue an apology to Highview Baptist Church and Pastor Ezell for this ridiculous handling of this announcement.  I’m sure there’s information I don’t know, but I have a friends at Highview who have verified that Pastor Ezell had to inform many in his church, staff, and deacons via email before the story went on the paper’s website.
  • Finally, observing a fun series of blog posts where 4 guys are drafting from the SBC for their fantasy team.  Check it out!